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2023 NSS: GSPCA Stud Dog & Brood Bitch Classes
(Sat, May 6)

Judge: Claire Wisch Abraham

. (157) * GCH DE LOMBARDIE ALPHA DU CENTAURE NAI, SS058142/02 V890880, 11/22/17. Breeder, Lise Cere. By CH De Lombardie Spirit of Forest — CH De Lombardie La Dolce Vita. Owner, Lise Cere.

2 (159) GCHG MARKANN-N-KK’S LITTLE BY LITTLE ERIC OF GRAN, SS015533/01 V880579, 09/28/17. Breeder, C & L Matula, Dr A Jeglum & J Hasart. By GCHG Trf Whiteriver Howlin’ At The Stars, CD BN RA — GCHG Markann-N-Kk It Is All About Me,CD RE JH. Owner, Dr K.Ann Jeglum & Karen Kohlmeyer.

3 (197) GCH DIADEM’S FREEZE FRAME AT FLASHPOINT JH, SR855057/02 V752931, 10/26/14. Breeder, Sandra & David Maks. By GCHP CRK ON the Double — Ch Diadem’s Personal Preference. Owner, Fiona Hilyer & Stephanie Hilyer, (Nadine Todd, Agent).

1 (201) * GCHS ROSE MOUNTAIN’S LIFESTYLE OF THE PINK AND T, SS075673/08 V875786, 08/20/18. Breeder, Owners. By CH Ludlam’s Mr.Weinland — GCHS Rose Mountan’s Stelor Gunpower And Glitz, RN. Owner, Tiffany Cessna & Barbara Van Blarcum & Melissa Hunerford.

. (213) CH LEGACYK FREIHEIT BLACK LABEL, SS218281/01 V10075656, 09/01/20. Breeder, Nancibeth Clements & James Deppen. By GCH Legacyk Blue Sunday — Skyfall’s Cinder Vom Deppe Haus Legacyk. Owner, Nancibeth Clements & Anne Cullen Tormey.

. (217) GCH SPRINGRUN’S HOTTER THAN THAT, SS038315/01 V8831161, 12/10/17. Breeder, T DePietro C Trost TJ Feneis & LJ Handschumaker P Crowley. By Gch Seven Hills Hurrikane Force — Gchp Shannon’s Celebration At Springrun. Owner, Nancibeth Clements & L Jane Handschumaker & Anne Cullen Tormey.

. (219) GCH LEGACYK FREIHEIT PIANO MAN, SS273719/06 V10009775, 05/15/21. Breeder, Nancibeth Koutstaal-Clements & A Maxfield, S Griswold. By GCHB Springrun’s Hotter Than That — GCHS Legacyk Twice Tempted. Owner, Nancibeth Clements & Anne Cullen Tormey.

. (231) * GCHG CLADDAGH’S ETCHED IN SILVER RN JH FDC CGC T, SR839140/07 V752824, 08/14/14. Breeder, Owner. By GCHG. Quinseas War Admiral — GCHS. Claddagh’s Knight N Gael,RN. Owner, Catherine Iacopelli.

AB 247 GCH SHORE SHOT’S KEEPER OF THE STARS MHA DM DS, SR983137/04 V870753, 04/03/17. Breeder, Robert Gelder. By DC/AFC/VC Friedelsheim’s Freight Train Mason,MH — Shore Shot Atta Girl Gemma,MH. Owner, Gary Houghton & Mary Jane Houghton.

. 253 GCH MI KARMA N SANDY CREEK ONE MAN BAND,DM JH, SR914422/01 V799256, 12/13/15. Breeder, T. & W. Craig. By Ch. Ludlams Prairiestar Prime Suspect — Ch. Mi Karmas Harvest Colors. Owner, Tina & William Craig & Brenda Mahoney & Claire Slagle.

. (311) GCHS COLDWATER’S BIG SHOES TO FILL CGC TKN, SR952119/01 V869666, 06/22/16. Breeder, Kimberly Abbott & Bereka Eichentopf. By GCHG VJK-<yst Garbonitas California Journey — GCH coldWater’s My Delectable Darlooney. Owner, Kimberly Abbott.

. (351) GCHG STELOR’S ROYALTY REMEMBERED JH, SR624278/01 V616315, 05/05/10. Breeder, Dee Stelmach & Kaye Ames. By Ch. Star K’s Mile Hi Carlos Stardust RN — Ch. Stelor’s Remembered Reign,JH,RE. Owner, Dee Stelmach, (Melissa Foehrkolb Hungerford, Agent).

4 (359) GCHS EISENFAUST’S TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT BEQUEST TKN, SS089722/05 V882047, 10/30/18. Breeder, Hunter Richardson & William Chrzanowski. By GCHG TRF White River Howlin’At The Stars CD BN RA — GCH BNJ The Flame Burns Out RN. Owner, Cassaundra Frabutt & Hunter Richardson.

Judge: Claire Wisch Abraham

3 (146) * GCHB CHEZA’S STARDUST, SR811525/03 V771512, 11/12/13. Breeder, J. Rae. By Gch. Starfields Army Strong v Burkley,JH — Ch. Claddagh’s Kiss Me Good Knight. Owner, Kimberly Petts & Jane Rae.

4 (164) * GCH SHOMBERG’S TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS RM SH CGC, SR947687/06 V808969, 08/16/16. Breeder, K Ennis & S Datillio. By GCH MiKarma’s Purple Dragon @ Honey Briar,BN,RN — Shomberg’s Sandy Paws and Salty Kisses,SH. Owner, Kahla Ennis & S Dattilio T Craig & B Mahoney.

. (166) * GCHB EDELMARKE & HONOR’S GRAVITY ON TRIAL RE SH, SS073680/03 V873978, 08/20/18. Breeder, Lisa & William Cornell. By Kismet Slipstream No-Hitter — Kruz Edelmarke Shimmer of Gold. Owner, Ellen & Ryan Ritter.

. 170 CH ADAMO’S THE PARTY NEVER STOPS, SR825865/06 V753488, 04/20/14. Breeder, Kayla Goodman & Dan Goodman. By Gch Hotwired’s Jager He’s Da Bomb — Gch Bleugras Strike A Pose. Owner, Karin Cecil & MeKenzie Cecil & Jen Miller.

1 172 CH SUMMERTIME’S SOUTHERN TRADITION CGC, SR993956/06 V885104, 06/08/17. Breeder, Michael Piscitello & Ann Carter. By Ch Summertime’s Smooth Sailing CD RE JH AX AXJ CA — Ch Summertime’s Leaps and Bounds. Owner, Samantha Wright & Ann Carter.

. 174 GCH VON RUANN & BAY WYE’S STRAIGHT SHOT ANGEL’S EN, SS065389/02 V870762, 07/20/19. Breeder, Tracey Morgon. By Gch Bay Wye’s Von Ruann’s Gunslinger Admiral Otto — Ch Vom Ruann’s Regal Abikiss A Tribute CAA. Owner, Tracey Mirgon.

. 178 GCHB SUMA’S FOR THE FUN OF IT RN JH FDC CAA FCAT, SR946696/02 V962118, 08/22/16. Breeder, Jessica Kalups & Mary Beth Usery. By Gch Suma’s All For Pure Fun — Ch Suma’s Whiskey For Dinner. Owner, Christy Hale.

. (182) * GCHG HIDEAWAY ACRES GLASS SLIPPER RN CGCA TKN, SR985390/02 V825668, 04/16/17. Breeder, Diane Prohaska & Susan Prohaska. By Gchp. VJK-MYST Garbonita’s California Journey,CGC — Gchs. Hideaway ‘N Windheim’s Vintage Moonshine,RN. Owner, Diane Prohaska & Susan Prohaska, (Jr. Show #135.)

AB (204) * GCH LAHRHEIM’S CALIFORNIA GIRL AT JAEGERSMANN CG, SR899750/06 V782477, 10/09/15. Breeder, J. & S. Toral. By Ch. Lahrheims Tru Navy Blues — Ch. Refleksions Riddles In The Dark. Owner, Maryann Koropecky.

2 (296) CH HUNTERSPRIDE STARDUST FAROOK JH, SR967874/02 V811074, 05/19/16. Breeder, Maxine & Didier Moinier & Maureen Farley. By GCHP Ehrenvogel Achy Breaky Heart — GCH Hunterspride Sweetdreams Farook SH CGC. Owner, Nancy & Russ Schultz & Maxine Moinier & Maureen Farley.

AB (318) GCHS ROSE MOUNTAIN’S STELOR GUNPOWDER AND GLITZ CG, SR890570/03 V779283, 07/17/15. Breeder, B. VonBlarcum & R. Scarth. By Gch. Stelors Royalty Remembered — Gch. Edelmarke Blaze of Glory. Owner, Tiffany Cessna & Barbara Van Blarcum.

AB (354) GCHB DIADEM SHOW ME THE MONEY AT WHITEOAK, SR987049/02 V875185, 04/14/17. Breeder, S Maks. By Westpointe’s Tight End Diadem — Ch Diadem’s Good Golly Miss Molly. Owner, Jennifer & Eric Murphy & Michelle Porfido & Sand Maks.

AB (374) GCHB WINDWARD’S LADY MAYFLOWER, SR996326/03 V871894, 05/26/17. Breeder, Danelle Gatcombe & Nancibeth Koustaal. By CH Minado’s American Express — CH Legacyk Purple Tansy. Owner, Danelle Gatcombe & Dr.Christopher Gatcombe, (Melissa Foehrkolb Hungerford, Agent).

AB (390) GCH STELOR’S TERRA FIRMA, SR927638/02 V846548, 03/11/16. Breeder, Kaye Ames & Dee Stelmach, DPM. By CH Homesteader’s Stelor Hart JH — CH Stelor’s A Dream Remembered. Owner, Dee Stelmach, (Melissa Foehrkolb Hungerford, Agent).

. 396 GCH STELOR’S CATCH A CLOUD, SR983675/08 V846549, 04/04/17. Breeder, Nancy Alder. By GCH Stelor’s Royalty Remembered — Rockpoint Climb Every Mountain. Owner, Dee Stelmach DPM, (Melissa Foehrkolb Hungerford, Agent).

. (404) CH COUNTRY CREEK’S SAPERE AUDE AT BEQUEST, SS072185/04 V877495, 07/18/18. Breeder, Mary Baque. By GCH Whisperridge’s The Great Gatsby — Ch Country Creek’s What A Gem. Owner, Cassaundra Frabutt & Hunter Richardson.

. (420) GCHG TSARA BELLA STREGA, SR939334/04 V812792, 06/20/16. Breeder, Tracy Sarama. By GCHS Starfields Army Strong V Bulkey JH — GCHS Whisperfield wicked Queen JH CA. Owner, Tracy Sarama & Tim Terella & Megan Terella.

AB 424 GCHB BUCK HOLLOW’S CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION CA, SR952566/01 V808740, 09/16/16. Breeder, S & L Fair & J Carroll. By GCH Legacyk Blue Sunday — GCHB Buck Hollow’s Dancing Queen SH. Owner, M. Alice Milwid.