Nominations for NSS Judges

Each year the NSS Executive Committee opens the floor for members to nominate judges for our National Specialty show Conformation, Futurity and Sweepstakes judging. The judges are chosen 2 years in advance. A scribe is entrusted to oversee the process. In an updated process (beginning in 2024) those receiving the most votes will be selected. At the Annual Awards banquet (during the NSS) the nominees will be announced.

Results of the Draw for the 2024 National Specialty Show (Central Region, E Peoria, IL)
  1. Lucretia Coonrod
  2. Ann Claire Wilson
  3. Shelley Schwerdt
  1. Gerry Thornton
  2. Malina Tzartzanis
  3. Hillary Roy
Regular classes
  1. Walter J Sommerfelt
  2. James S Covey
  3. Margaret S Wilson
  4. Lorraine W Bisso
Results of the Draw for the 2025 National Specialty Show (WEST Region – Location TBA)
  1. Tina Craig
  2. Katie Tazza
  3. Leanne Farrell
  1. Kahla Ennis
  2. Leanne Farrell
  3. Mary Morris
Regular classes
  1. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine
  2. Lucretia Coonrod
  3. Ruth Ann Freer-Godfrey
  4. Sharon Dattilio