Purina® Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program

Since 2002, thousands of fellow dog breeders and enthusiasts have declared their participation in the Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program. This program allows national parent breed clubs to individually earn funding based on Purina weight circle submissions by Pro Club® members.

The GSPCA was among the initial clubs to recognize the PPCP as a worthwhile program that would benefit the future of our breed. Please encourage fellow GSP lovers to designate the GSPCA and turn in those weight circles so our wonderful dogs can benefit. This is a great opportunity to increase the amount of monies dedicated to improving our breed!

How it Works

Pro Club members submit weight circles from bags of participating Purina® Brand Dog Foods and accumulate weight circle points as part of the Pro Club Weight Circle Program. Refer to Purina Pro Club Weight Circle Program here. Purina tracks these weight circle submissions, and for every $100 of qualifying weight circle points earned by Pro Club members, Purina donates $10 to the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America, if the member has designated the GSPCA as part of their membership.   It is as simple as that.

Purina Pro Club members, who elect to participate in the PPCP Program and designate the GSPCA, accrue donations for our breed when they submit weight circles from qualifying Purina brand dog foods. Points are accumulated all year and a check representing 10 percent of the value of the submitted weight circles is evenly split between Canine Health Foundation (CHF) and the GSPCA, where funds may be used at our club’s discretion for canine health research, education or rescue. It is important to note that the AKC CHF will match the funds received by them up to 100% and this greatly increases the opportunity to fund GSP research.

The first step to participate in the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program is to become a member of the Purina Pro Club HERE. You also must declare your participation in the program and specify that the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America will receive credit as a result of your weight circle redemption.Current members may designate the GSPCA by calling the Purina® Pro Club® toll-free number at 1-877-PRO-CLUB (1-877-776-2582) from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.  Another option is to verify and edit/update your membership to designate the GSPCA HERE

How has the GSPCA benefitted thus far?

The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America has 2,429 Pro Club Members declared for the Purina Parent club Partnership Program. There were 457 Pro Club Members that submitted weight circles from January through December of 2014. The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America earned $14,661.70 for their participation. $7,330.85 will be given to the Canine Health Foundation for use in our donor advised fund. $7,330.85 was sent to us for our clubs use in Funding educations, health research and/or rescue efforts. Our PPCP dollars earned from 2002 to date is $78,232.57 !!!

Can you imagine how much money we could have earned if every one of our GSP friends and members who are not part of this program designated the GSPCA in the parent club program?


  1. Will I lose points when I send in my weight circles for redemption to the Purina Pro Club?
    No, the donation to the parent club is in addition to the normal Pro Club redemption value.
  2. Do I have to keep up with the credit that is going to my breed club?
    No, that record keeping is automatically handled by the Pro Club.
  3. What are the different foods that are eligible?

    Purina Veterinary Diets®
    Purina® Pro Plan® Sport PRiME™ or ReFUEL™ Bars 25 pts. https://www.gspca.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/JOIN-mail.jpg
    Purina®Pro Plan®brand Dog Food Focus formulas (BLUE) Purina®
    Pro Plan® brand Dog Food SavorTM formulas (ORANGE)https://www.gspca.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/JOIN-mail.jpg
    Purina®Pro Plan®brand Dog Food SelectTM formulas (GREEN)
    Purina®Pro Plan®brand Dog Food SportTM formulas (PURPLE)
    Purina®Pro Plan®brand Bright Mind formulas*
    Purina®Pro Plan®brand Dog Food (previous packaging)
    Purina® ONE®brand Dog/Puppy Food
    Purina®Dog Chow®
    Purina®Puppy Chow®
    Purina® Light n’ Healthy
    Purina® Moist & Meaty®

    *use the Pro Plan (previous packaging) line or you may use any other line worth 12pts/lb on the Weight Circle Claim form when submitting weight circles for Pro Plan® Bright Mind.