Canine Legislation

Defending the Freedom to Own Pets.

America today is rushing toward dramatic changes in the way we breed and keep animals. These changes are already beginning and the laws that will make them continue go far beyond the changes we can see. We have encountered negative legislation that is erasing the ability to own our beloved pets. In the short term, all of us (but lawmakers especially) must become extremely skeptical of new laws that claim to ‘protect animals.’ America has had basic animal protection laws for more than fifty years; some go back over a century. These laws need better enforcement in some parts of the country, however, there are very few new laws that will make animal or human lives better.

With growing momentum, dog owners across the country are challenging anti-breeder and anti-dog ownership rhetoric with facts, science-based evidence, and good old common sense. Lawmakers are learning that the most accurate and reliable information about dog ownership, care, and breeding comes from experienced breeders, trainers and exhibitors rather than angry protestors, misleading petitions, and animal rights lobbyists.

Our members work diligently to ensure that the dogs we so cherish are owned, loved and cared for responsibly. We want to encourage our members, and animal lovers to become knowledgeable, visible and vocal in order to maintain our right to own any canine.

The united voices of individual dog owners, kennel club members, AKC federations and allied groups are being heard by lawmakers across the U.S. As a result of your advocacy efforts, the tide is gradually turning against breed-specific laws. An increasing number of states have passed or are considering laws to prohibit local breed-specific measures and numerous communities have repealed existing breed-specific legislation. Despite this trend, breed bans and restrictions continue to be introduced in some areas. Concerned dog owners are urged to take action and to contact AKC Government Relations at: when breed-specific measure are discussed or proposed in local communities.

Being informed regarding the laws in your state and country is paramount. By working together, we can make a difference for the dogs we love.

Listed below are links you can access as resources that are available to help you be effective advocates for responsible dog ownership and breeding! Be sure to check back often, as we are continuously adding new items.


Christopher Lee
Joseph Del Hoste