GSPCA Hall Of Fame for People

Election to the Hall of Fame recognizes a person’s lasting contributions to the sport and/or the breed and is considered one of the highest honors in this time-honored sport.

The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America holds in highest esteem the individuals who have made an outstanding contribution or contributions to the welfare and advancement of the German Shorthair Pointer above the ordinary and beyond personal benefit. Many people have selflessly worked toward the betterment of the breed through specific jobs or individual acts but only those persons who have made clearly documented achievements that have had an everlasting effect on the betterment of the sport and/or the breed shall be honored. The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America has established a HALL OF FAME to honor these individuals, forevermore.

The Hall of Fame honors the people who are special and have contributed to the betterment of the sport and/or the breed.

See below the remarkable people who have been elected to our Hall of Fame.

2022 Sue Clemons, Snomel Kennels

2022 Gene Moseley

2022 Joe Vicari

2021 Patte Titus

2021 Ken Clemons, Snomel Kennels

2020 Terry Chandler, Rugerheim Kennels

2018 Inge Clody, Minado Kennels

2011 Judy Marden

2010 Nancy Campbell, Homesteader Kennels

2010 Ken Marden

2010 John Rabidou, Uodibar Kennels

2009 James Burns, Kingswood Kennels

2009 M Parl Larson, DDS

2008 Dorothea “Dot” Simberlund, Fieldfine Kennels

2004 Patti Lohr Keller, Huntabird Kennels

2003 Bob Holcomb, Radbach Kennels

2002 Gene Shultz

2001 Joseph Burkhardt

2001 Ernst Rojam

2001 Jim McCue

2001 Geri Irwin Shultz

2001 Charles Thornton

2001 Walter Mangold

2001 Jack Shattuck

2001 Hjalmar Olsen

2001 Betty Sandberg

2001 Don Sandberg

2001 C. Bede Maxwell

2001 Richard Johns

2001 Don Miner

2001 Shirley Carlson

2001 Maxine Collins

2001 Robert McKowen

2001 George DeGidio

Mike Aldrich

Deb Longtin


Fred Lowry