The Importance of Our AKC Delegate

What are the unique powers of a Delegate?
  • Approves Rules governing dog shows and field trials
  • Approves amendments to the AKC Bylaws
  • Nominates and elects Delegates to serve on the AKC
Board of Directors & Delegate Standing Committees
  • Approves new member clubs
  • Votes to uphold or overrule an AKC Board decision to disapprove a Delegate candidate or to remove a seated Delegate
  • Only a Delegate may serve on the AKC Board
  • Votes to discipline, and even to expel, a Member Club
How do they exercise these powers
  • Attends and votes at quarterly Delegate Meetings
  • Attends and/or Participates with Delegate Standing Committees
  • Brings Member Club’s proposals to the Delegates and/or Delegate Standing Committees
  • A Member Club, through its Delegate, may propose amendments to the AKC Bylaws or AKC Rules directly to the AKC Board
  • Informs all members of their Member Club of Delegate actions
  • Acts as ombudsman for Member Club members dealing with AKC
What are the qualifications for a person to become a Delegate?

Required — Article VI of the AKC Bylaws

  • Represents a Member Club
  • Both Member Club and individual are in good standing with AKC
  • Is a resident US citizen or has permanent resident alien status
    Meets all of the occupational eligibility criteria
  • May not have been found guilty of or admitted to the theft, embezzlement or misappropriation of funds or property from an AKC Club
Suggested — for perspective and continuity
  • Ten year involvement in AKC events and/or activities
  • Willingness to serve for five years or more
  • Willingness to invest time, effort and expenses
  • Willingness to speak up and become involved
  • Willingness to engage others in crucial conversations
  • Access and skills to use a computer or the support of someone with the access and skills
What should a Member Club expect from their Delegate?
  • Long term (5 years or more) commitment to represent and serve the Member Club
  • Commitment to attend and participate at Delegate Meetings
  • A timely report on the actions taken at Delegate Meetings
  • Presentation of actions/issues that will come before future Delegate Meetings
  • When applicable, vote as directed by the Member Club
What should your Delegate expect from the Member Club?
  • Long term appointment as Delegate
  • A forum to report on what transpired at Delegate meetings
  • Discussion and guidance on forthcoming actions/issues
  • Assistance with Delegate expenses to expand who might become Delegates and to maximize their participation

AKC DELEGATE (Appointed)