Annual Awards

Each year the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America honors those dogs and their owners and breeders who have excelled in the various competitions throughout the previous year at their Annual Awards Banquet. This is held in conjunction with the National Specialty Show.

Effective in 2013 – for a dog to be eligible for GSPCA awards and GSPCA rankings, all owners and co-owners of the dog must be members of the GSPCA by March 1st of the competition year, and, effective in 2020, the year the award is presented. New owners must join the GSPCA within 60 days of being added as an owner of the dog if they are not already members. Dogs owned or co-owned by individuals who are reprimanded, suspended or anyway disciplined by the AKC are not eligible for Annual Awards for the year(s) covered by the reprimand, suspension or discipline.


Tiffany Harvey