Health & Welfare Committee

Please take note of an excellent resource for the health of your dog, the AKC Canine Health Foundation. The GSPCA has made regular annual contributions, thanks to you and our Purina matching funds, to important research including Hemangiosarcoma, Addison’s disease and Epilepsy. Our Health and Welfare committee has its ears to the ground listening to members on their GSP health concerns and annually back initiatives to raise funds.

Please consider using our link for this years initiative if making donations:

The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America presents the educational and scientific material on these pages as a service to its membership and to the general public but does not endorse those materials, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of any opinions or information contained therein. The opinions expressed in the materials are strictly the opinion of the writer and do not represent the opinion of, nor are they endorsed by, the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America. Health and medical articles are intended as an aid to those seeking health information and are not intended to replace the informed opinion of a qualified Veterinarian.

2023 Committee Members:

Karen Rooks Nauer, Chair
Bunita Eichelberger DVM
Roxann Campbell
Kyle Kruger
Dannie Lee
Tiffany Harvey-Cessna
Christine Bailey
Melanie Shufran
Meghan Bodie
Carrie Ensrud
Leita Estes
Janice Price DVM
Belinda Venner
Jami Meath
Sarah Daley
Janet Chandler
Debbie King
Denise Avery
LJ Utterback
Mariana Byndloss DVM
Jennifer Tanner DVM
Peyton Svagerko

The Health & Welfare Section is currently under renovation. Thank you for your patience!