2023 NSS: GSPCA Non-Regular Classes (Fri, May 5)

Judge: Steven Herman

POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED), Veteran Class 8 to 10, Dogs.

4 (91) * GCH NMK’S MAKE MINE MUSIC MH DE DMA CGC, SR830874/02, V744080 06/02/14. Breeder, Carol Chadwick. By DC AFC NMK’s Molto Bene MH VCX ROMXX — NMK’s Kiss My Grits JH. Owner, Jennifer Tanner DVM.

2 (99) * SONRISE VALENTINE, SR832344/09 V10077425, 06/25/14. Breeder, Darrel Sandstedt. By Quail Valley’s Great West Special — Sonrise Abby. Owner, Fawn Kovach.

1 (101) GCH LADEN FIELD’S KAPOSIA TAOS SKY JH, SR845038/01 V754165, 09/17/14. Breeder, B. Ladenheim & B. Sandberg & C. Coomes & G. Hostetter. By Ch. Fieldfine Stars N Stripes — Gch. Laden Fields Mighty Wind Kaposia,JH. Owner, Bruce Ladenheim.

AB (329) CH WINDWARD’S CAPTAIN OF MY HEART CGC TKN, SR824865/01 V752665, 06/05/14. Breeder, D. Gatcombe & N. Koutstaal. By Ch. Minados On The Marc,CGC — Ch. Legacyk Purple Tansy. Owner, Danelle Gatcombe.

3 (361) * GCH SUMA’S ALL FOR PURE FUN JH, SR834681/01 V755825, 06/14/14. Breeder, Jessica Kalupa & Mary Beth Usery. By Gch Fieldfine’s Pure Gold JH BN CD TDI — Ch Suma’s Kiss Me Kate MH. Owner, Jessica Kalupa.


POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED), Veteran Class 10 and Over, Dogs.

. (103) * CH WYNSOM’S THE COWBOY WAY, SR685279/06, 06/26/11. Breeder, Karry Trickey. By Ch Sharp Mtn’s Fuel For The Soul SH — Ch Wynsom’s Just A Cowgirl. Owner, Karry Trickey & Jenelle Trickey & Douglas Trickey.

4 (105) * GCH WHITE RIVER WHISPER BUY LOW SELL HIGH CD PCD, SR719076/01 V682338, 02/28/12. Breeder, Phil & Char Rutar. By Ch Pengle TRF Striking Image JH — Ch White River Pixie Stardust JH NRD. Owner, Lisa Dziedzina.

AB (107) CH SHOMBERG’S FOR EVERY KING A THRONE CGC, SR679646/04 V688389, 04/24/11. Breeder, Stepehn & Sharon Dattilio & Taylor Dolmajer. By Ch. Shomberg’s Sparks Will Fly, MH — Ch. Shomberg’s Olympic Gold. Owner, Robin Mahoney.

2 (331) GCHB WINDHEIM’N HIDEAWAY’S HOME BREWED CD SH RE, SR732344/01 V687683, 06/05/12. Breeder, Diane Prohaska & Denise Avery. By Gch TRF White River Howlin’ At The Stars,JH — Ch Windheim’s Goodnight Gracie,JH,RN. Owner, Denise & James Avery.

1 (353) * CH HOTWIRED’S REAL LIFE FAIRYTAIL, SR681056/03 V660758, 04/11/11. Breeder, Karin Cecil & Rob Cecil. By Ch LegacyK Blue Sunday — Ch Hotwired’s Shot Of Respect. Owner, Karin Cecil & Mekenzie Cecil Jacob Cecil & Matthew Hanks.

3 363 CH INVERNESS FIRESTORM PCDX BN RN JH DSV, SR682644/01 V649002, 05/02/11. Breeder, Dorothy H Thompson & Mary Lynn Jenson PHD. By GCH Fieldfines Back in Action JH — GCH Inverness Bright Lights CDX JH. Owner, Dorothy H Thompson & Mary Lynn Jensen PHD.

Judge: Dr Steven D Herman

POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED), Veteran Class 8 to 10, Bitches.

1 (146) * GCHB CHEZA’S STARDUST, SR811525/03 V771512, 11/12/13. Breeder, J. Rae. By Gch. Starfields Army Strong v Burkley,JH — Ch. Claddagh’s Kiss Me Good Knight. Owner, Kimberly Petts & Jane Rae.

4 (152) * GCHB VOMHART’S YELLOW ROSE KC I LOVE YOU, SR827798/08, 05/28/14. Breeder, Beverly Quarles. By Ch Vomhart’s Odyssey Code Of Honor — Gch Yellow Rose’s Gift Of Song JR. Owner, Audrey Reed.

2 (330) CH. TIMBERAQ SUMMER DELIGHT, SR787123/01 V752805, 07/05/13. Breeder, R. Stonesifer & A. Wallace. By Ch. Bulkley Nectemere Nectimide — Ch. Olde Ridge Hot Summer Nights. Owner, Raquel Stonesifer.

3 (398) * GCH CLADDAGH’S STORM WARNING JH, SR855260/01 V780724, 12/16/14. Breeder, C. Iacopelli. By Ch. Claddagh’s Legendary Knight — Ch. Claddagh’s Kiss Me Good Knight. Owner, Patricia Sheekey & Catherine Iacopelli.

. (400) CH HARDWOOD’S SHEZA PISTOL JH, SR839400/01 V756451, 06/30/14. Breeder, Sheena Collins. By GCH BNJ Second Shot At Magic JH — Ch Malomkozi Heartland Song SH. Owner, Sheena Collins.

AB (412) GCHB FIELDFINE GIFT OF GOLD RN JH CA BCAT DSA AS, SR845929/01 V753279, 09/23/14. Breeder, D. & W. Simberlund & D. Vooris Hand. By Gch. LegacyK Blue Sunday — Gch. Fieldfine Sharwill Heart of Gold. Owner, Dorothea Hand & Dorothea Simberlund.

POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED), Veteran Class 10 and Over, Bitches.

3 (148) CH DUNSTANBURGH PINK SAPPHIRE UD BN VER RAE JH CA, SR729046/09 V688624, 04/29/12. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Dunstanburgh Priceless,UDX,VER,JH,AX,AXJ,NF — Sunshines Bright Dunstanburgh,CDX,RE,JH,AX,OAJ,OF. Owner, Eleanor S. Campbell & Darrell E. Swank.

2 (154) * GCH COUNTRY WIND ALWAYS THANKFUL RE JH OA AXJ XF, SR753118/02 V686301, 11/09/12. Breeder, Rebecca McCasland, C Lewis & E Jennings. By GCHS Country Wind Lord Of The Manor JH — Ch Berihill Mystic Crystal. Owner, Ellen & Ryan Ritter.

1 (156) * CH EHRENVOGEL SAY CHEESE, SR639208/04 V622155, 07/24/10. Breeder, M. Lara. By Ch. Bulkley Nectemere Nectimide,SH — Ch. Enrenvogel Pntdsky Tkdwns Cue. Owner, Marina Renee Lara DVM & Carlene Swensson & Ann Claire Lester.

4 (158) * GCHS HIDEAWAY & WINDHEIM’S VINTAGE MOONSHINE JH, SR732344/08 V672699, 06/05/12. Breeder, D. Prohaska & D. Avery. By Gch. TRF White River Howlin’ At The Stars,JH — Ch. Windheim’s Goodnight Gracie,JH,RN. Owner, Diane Prohaska & Susan Prohaska.

. (180) * GCHS CLADDAGH’S WILD KNIGHTS AT WOODS HAFEN,RN J, SR706141/05 V693894, 12/18/11. Breeder, C. Iacopelli & L. Wood. By Ch. Claddagh’s Knight To Remember,CD,RE,JH — Ch.Quinsea’s Hollywood Wildcat. Owner, Catherine Iacopelli.

. (332) * GCH WHISPERFIELD CLASSICO MADIERA CGN S, SR762268/02 V687975, 09/27/12. Breeder, Pat & Ray Iredale. By Ch Buckley Skye’s The Limit FDJ — Ch Whisperfield French Silk. Owner, Rhonda Giannini.


2 (231) * GCHG CLADDAGH’S ETCHED IN SILVER RN JH FDC CGC T, SR839140/07 V752824, 08/14/14. Breeder, Owner. By GCHG. Quinseas War Admiral — GCHS. Claddagh’s Knight N Gael,RN. Owner, Catherine Iacopelli.

1 233 * CH UP N’ADAM’S GOING TO THE MAX JH, SS150521/07 V911267, 10/13/19. Breeder, Katrina Tazza & Thomas Tazza. By DC AFC Up N’Adam UD SH — CH Up N’Adams Happy Motoring JH. Owner, Carolyn Gerganoff & Arthur R Kramer.

 POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED), Dual Champion Dog Class, Dogs.

3 (93) GCHS DC CHINDI’S MISCHIEF MAKER CD RA MH JHR, SR746907/06 V683737, 09/19/12. Breeder, Owner. By Chindi’s White Mtn Apache,UD,RN,MH,NA,NAJ — GCH. Chindi’s Firestarter,VCD1,UD,RE,VER,MH. Owner, Jean M. Persia.

. (149) * DC STILL’S STORM CHASER VON RUGERHEIM RN, SR308714/02 V692682, 07/29/11. Breeder, Pamela Stillman & Gereth Stillman. By DC Lowry’s Eagle Ridge Von Rugerheim — CH Jaegerhof’s Still on My Mind JH RN VC. Owner, Pamela Stillman & Gereth Stillman.

1 185 GCHG EHRENVOGEL GUNNING FOR MY HEART BN RN SH CGC, SR928511/03 791117, 02/03/16. Breeder, M. Lara & A. Lester. By DC Free Flights Bosefus — GCHB Ehrenvogel Key To My Heart,CA JH. Owner, Pamela Parshall & Marina Renee Lara DVM.

. (369) * GCH DC AFC STILL’S LIL’JOE VON RUGERHEIM, SR77570/02 V708704, 04/01/13. Breeder, Pamela Stillman & Gereth Stillman. By DC Lowery’s Eagle Ridge Von Rugerheim — Ch Jaegerhof’s Still On My Mind JH RN VC. Owner, Pamela Stillman & Gereth Stillman.

2 373 GCH DC EHRENVOGEL SHOTS FIRED AT ELWING SCN SIN, SR928511/09 V793401, 02/03/16. Breeder, Ann Claire Lester & Marina Renne Lara DVM. By DC Free Flight’s Bosefuse — Gchb Ehrenvogel Key To My Heart JH CA. Owner, Marty Barnes Cornell & Marina Renee Lara DVM & Ann Claire Lester.

4 377 * GCH DC AFC COLDWATER’S & GORTA’S ALL IN STRYDE U, SR962663/01 V813541, 07/17/17. Breeder, Limberly Abbott & Kara Klaus. By TC AFC OTCH2 Sageflyer Gorta’s Ranger UDX8 OGM GO — Gch Coldwater’s There’s A First For Everything CD. Owner, Geri Orta.


1 235 * GCHG OTCH7 VOYAGER’S PERFECT PARTNER VCD2 UDX8, SR896486/03 V779240, 08/20/15. Breeder, Karen Rooks Nauer & David Nauer. By CRK On The Double — Voyager’s Charmed And Dangerous. Owner, Belinda Venner & Joe Venner.

2 237 GCHB ROSE MOUNTAIN’S PINK SPIKED PUNCH JH DE DMX, SS075673/03 V876340, 08/20/18. Breeder, Tiffany Cessna & M.Hungerford, B Van Blarcum. By CH Ludlam’s Mr Weinland — GCHS Rose Mountain’s Stelor Gunpowder And Glitz,RN. Owner, Brad & Sallie Jordan & Tiffany Cessna, (Melissa Foehrkolb Hungerford, Agent).

3 241 FUEGO VOM HINTERLAND, SS376792/01 V100912, 10/06/20. Breeder, James D Talley. By Drake Von Den Donau-Wirbeln — Weideland’s Little Sure Shot. Owner, Jennifer M Blair.

4 249 * GCH KNOTTYPINE’S WHISPERS TO MY SOUL JH BN CDX, SR888208/01 V771855, 06/07/15. Breeder, Jean Bernier. By Ch Knottypine’s Nobody’s Fool JH CD RAE — GCHB Knottypine’s River Dance MH JHR BN PCD CDX RM. Owner, Jean Bernier.

AB 251 GCH BNJ WHITEOAK NEVERENDING STORY,JH CGC DM, SR904285/08 V782898, 10/30/15. Breeder, B. & J. DeVries. By Algerland Action Hero Legacyk — BNJ Rumor Has It,BN,RA,THDN. Owner, Jennifer & Eric Murphy.

. 355 CH PINECREST ROYALTY ON FLEEK SH, SS068116/09 V884986, 07/17/18. Breeder, Bill & Julie Holtz. By GCH Rose Mountain’s Lars Man Standing JH — GCH Hardwood’s Over The Rainbow JH. Owner, Sheena Collins.

POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED), Dual Champion Dog Class, Bitches.

1 430 * DC UP N’ADAM’S ONLY ONE CHANEL, SR918063/01 V810395, 01/18/16. Breeder, Owners. By NAFC FCAFC Up N’Adam’s Tyler — DCAFC Up N’Adam’s Silhouette. Owner, Katrin Tazza.


2 162 * CH HONEYBRIAR N MIKARMA’S PUT ON THE RED LIGHT J, SS192466/01 V968287, 04/28/20. Breeder, Brenda Mahoney & Tina Craig. By Gch Mi Karma N Sandy Creek ONE Man Band BN RA JH — Mi Karma N Honeybriars Silver Bells JH. Owner, Brenda & Charles Mahoney & Tina Craig.

3 (164) * GCH SHOMBERG’S TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS RM SH CGC, SR947687/06 V808969, 08/16/16. Breeder, K Ennis & S Datillio. By GCH MiKarma’s Purple Dragon @ Honey Briar,BN,RN — Shomberg’s Sandy Paws and Salty Kisses,SH. Owner, Kahla Ennis & S Dattilio T Craig & B Mahoney.

1 (166) * GCHB EDELMARKE & HONOR’S GRAVITY ON TRIAL RE SH, SS073680/03 V873978, 08/20/18. Breeder, Lisa & William Cornell. By CH Kismet Slipstream No-Hitter — CH Kruz Edelmarke Shimmer of Gold. Owner, Ellen & Ryan Ritter.