2003 Annual Awards

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Agility Dog of the Year

CRK Total Eclipse, JH, MX, MXJ

Owner: Margaret Farone

All-Age Dog of the Year

NFC/FC Heide Ho’s MRT

Owner: Frank Pike

Amateur Gun Dog Of The Year

FC/AFC JMA’s Pin Tail Comet

Owner: Jim and Marie Absmeier

Open Limited Gun Dog of the Year

FC/AFC Trace’s Silver Twist

Owner: Bob Erbe & D. Fernandez

Puppy/Derby of the Year

Texas Cassino’s Mad Cash

Owner: Terry Bomer

Obedience Dog of the Year

Bittersweet Mint Dunstnburg, UDX, AX, AXJ

Owner: Eleanor Campbell

Show Dog of the Year

Ch. Shomberg’s Some Like It Hot

Owner: Joan Logan, Steve & Sharon Dattilio & Patty Crowley

Show Sire of the Year

NSC/CH Prairiestar’s Maverick

Owner: Marilyn & Daniel Ogorek
Sire of:
Ch. Doc’s Pay-Off Jake
Ch. Greenfield’s Prariestar Stevy
Ch. Prairiestar’s Bon Voyage
Ch. Prairiestar’s Greenfield Jessie
Ch. Sandy Creek Point of Interest
Ch. Tabor’s Yankee Classic
Ch. Voyager’s Capt Janeway’s Lace JH
Ch. Voyager’s Captain Picard, JH
Ch. White Rive Hotpants Zoe
Ch. White River Serving An Ace
Ch. White River’s Title Paige
Ch. Winter Creek’s A Gen to NV Jade
Ch. Winter Creek’s Rendition to NV, JH
Ch. Wynson’s Afternoon Delight
Ch. Wynson’s Morning Thunder
Ch. Wynson’s Prairie Sunrise

Show Dam of the Year

Ch. Ehrenvogel Grand Illusion

Owner: Rene Lara, DVM
Dam of:
Ch. Ehrenvogel Amarillo Slim
Ch. Ehrenvogel Double Down
Ch. Ehrenvogel Dynamite Thrill
Ch. Ehrenvogel Jokers Wild
Ch. Ehrenvogel Place Your Bets
Ch. Ehrenvogel Queen of Hearts
Ch. Ehrenvogel Royal Flush
Ch. Ehrenvogel The Gambler
Ch. Ehrenvogel Thrills and Chills

Field Sire of the Year

FC/AFC Shadow of Shilo

Owner: Don Pool
Sire of:
FC Baron of Velvet Horn
FC/AFC JMA’s Pin Tail Comet
AFC Shadow’s Mojo Work’n

Field Dam of the Year

FC/AFC Dixieland Smokin Magnum

Owner: Michael Woody
Dam of:
FC NRC’s Magnum’s Touch of Gold
FC/AFC Strikes’ Secret Weapon Ringer

JMA’s Long Ranger

Breeder: Jim and Marie Absmeier
Owner: Jim and Marie and John Absmeier

Obedience Sire of the Year (2 way tie)

Ch. Kajoma’s Good Time Rowdy CDX TD JH

Owner: Kathleen Jo Fowler and Mark S. Fowler
Sire of:
Ch. Kajoma’s Keepsake von Insel, VCD1, UD, TDX, OA

Snowcreeks Baron Der Kempfer JH

Owner: Kirsten Fulk
Sire of:
Kempfer’s High Tide, UD, JH

Obedience Dam of the Year

Wrenegade’s Nines or Better

Owner: Tom and Dawn Smith
Dam of:
Gunny Man’s Best Friend, UDX

Hunting Test Sire of the Year (2 way tie)

DC/AFC Bodo vom Waldrand MH

Owner: Daisy Schapheer
Sire of:
Ch. Blitz’s Gisela von Hainholz SH
Blitz’s Misty von Hainholz JH
Blitz’s Remington v Hainholz MH
Blitz’s Rock v Hainholz JH
Conrad Wood SH
Ch. Fritz Waldrand von Hainholz JH
Lucus Wood SH
Yolo Moka Delight JH

DC/AFC Sam Saint Max MH

Owner: Chuck and Judy Parietti and James Buchanan
Sire of:
Barker’s Thundering Odyssey JH
Crystal’s Up Close N Personal SH
Glory Day’s Moonshine JH
Kempfer’s Sweet Home Becky JH
Kempfer’s Domino Effect JH
Kempfer’s Max Factor JH
Kempfer’s Cover Girl JH
Kempfer’s Trick Shot JH
Odyssey’s at Kan-Point MH
Uhlenhaaut ‘s Sadie Saint Max JH

JMA’s Long Ranger

Breeder: Jim and Marie Absmeier
Owner: Jim and Marie and John Absmeier

Hunting Test Dam of the Year

FC Rawhide’s Mo Reen

Owner: Donald Lloyd
Dam of:
Miller’s Sterling Sage, MH
Slide rock’s Dutchess MH
Sliderock U Gotta Hot Shot MH
Sliderock’s High Elevation MH

Agility Sire of the Year

Ch. Kbrooke Southpines Robt ELee MH

Owner: James & Julie Birdsall
Sire of:
Southpines Pistol Pack’n Moma JH, OA, AXJNA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX AXJ

Agility Dam of the Year

Ch. Homesteader’s Grace Under Fire, DCX JH, OA NAJ

Owner: Ann D. Carter
Dam of:
Ch. Summertime’s Southern Reigh, CDX JH MX AXJ
Ch. Summertime’s Star Attraction JH AX AXJ

Dual Sire of the Year

DC/AFC Sam Saint Max MH

Owner: Chuck & Judy Parietti and James Buchanan

Dual Dam of the Year

Ch. Odyssey’s Incredible Journey MH

Owner: Chuck & Judy Parietti


DC Gemutlich You Go Girlfriend JH

(FC Florida Sunshine Fireball MH x DC/AFC Gemutlich Gone With The Wind MH)
Owner/Breeder: Joseph & Jessie Ruela

DC/AFC Knight’s Kodiak Ice

(DC/AFC Rugerheim’s Ice Breaker x Harlequin Corrr’win)
Breeder: Holly A McKnight
Owner: Gilbert Pinon

DC NMK’s Earl of Velvet Horn

(Ch. Laguna’s Rolex Classic x DC/AFC NMK-RD’s Final Curtain Call MH)
Breeder: Carol Chadwick
Owner: Michael Hewett

DC Odyssey Kurhaars V Riverwood

(DC Kurzhaar’s Ruger V Haven SH x Iris vom Riverwoods)
Breeder: Diane Engelking Collins
Owner: William Engleking-Collins & Chuck Parietti & Diane Engelking Collins & Judy Parietti

DC Odyssey’s Perfection

(DC/AFC Sam Saint Max MH x Ch. Odyssey’s Incredible Journey MH)
Breeder: Judy & Chuck Parietti
Owner: Cindy Torbenson and Chuck & Judy Parietti

DC Whitesline Obergewehr CD JH

(Ch. Headline’s Just A Gigolo x Headlines Winterstorm Watch JH)
Owner/Breeder: Carol B White