Requirements for GSPCA Hall of Fame – People

The GSPCA Hall of Fame for Individuals was created by the Board of Directors in 2001 to honor those persons who have made outstanding contributions to the welfare and advancement of the German Shorthaired Pointer above the ordinary or expected and beyond their own self-interest. Election to the Hall of Fame recognizes a person’s everlasting contributions to the sport, the GSPCA and/or the breed and is considered one of the highest honors in this time-honored sport.


The inductee need not be deceased for election to The Hall of Fame for Individuals. Persons nominated may be either amateur or professional. Inductees from 1980 or after must have been a member of the GSPCA. Before 1980 any individual otherwise meeting the criteria may be nominated. Individuals elected shall also be given an Honorary Life Membership with all its attendant privileges.

The qualifications for this award must transcend the mere ownership of an outstanding dog(s), numerous victories in competition, longstanding service to the GSPCA or engaging personalities that have made individuals highly recognizable. Many people have selflessly worked toward the betterment of the breed through specific jobs or individual acts and the GSPCA has many programs that recognize the people who have made these types of contributions – Volunteer Award, Sportsmanship Award and the Honorary Life Time Membership to name a few.

Only those persons who have made clearly documented achievements that have had a positive everlasting effect on the betterment of the breed shall be considered for the Hall of Fame. Their contribution may come from their personal efforts or their influence on the betterment of the breed. Their contributions must be of the magnitude that they would be recognized as the architects of the foundation on which the foundation of the Shorthair of today and tomorrow stands. In some capacity these individuals have contributed to the perpetuation of the breed, the sport and/or the GSPCA.

These qualifications are purposely broad to include individuals who have made significant contributions but do not necessarily fall into some specific category. At the same time, it is extremely narrow in definition so as to limit access to only those persons who stand out clearly as having made some contribution above the expected and beyond all others. The individuals honored shall have earned their awards through personal merit rather than popularity and their efforts must have caused actions of everlasting value. The selection of these individuals must be fair and unbiased and not based on popularity.

Priority will be given for the following types of accomplishments:

  1. Individuals who have helped form, guide, structure, and administer The German Shorthair Club of America through their individual actions that have resulted in a strong organization that protects the breed and serves its constituency. Individuals who have made substantial and time consuming efforts to document and preserve the history of our breed so this information can be used to continue to improve the breed, the sport and/or the GSPCA.The mere holding of office or committee position is not a qualifying act in itself. It is expected that if one takes on such a position they will fulfill those duties to the very best of their ability. The question is – What did the individual do beyond the expected performance? What effects did that activity have on the wellbeing of the breed? What is the everlasting difference that their efforts made?
  2. Persons whose pioneering efforts helped establish the breed in the USA through importation, distribution and promotion of Shorthairs. This would also include an accumulation of efforts by an individual which resulted in improvement of the breed beyond personal gain should be considered. These individuals will have cemented the future of the breed by their mentorship.We are fortunate to have many breeders, handlers and owners associated with the GSPCA but only those individuals who have made a substantial, well documented, everlasting contribution to the breed will be considered.
  3. Persons who have improved the breed through creation of events for proper evaluation of performance and conformation, or have helped solve problems affecting the club’s performance should be considered. These individuals may have additionally provided guidance and mentorship at a local level helping to ensure the future of the breed, the sport and the GSPCA.

These are major examples of contributions that elevate an individual above all others as being worthy of consideration for nomination into The Hall of Fame for Individuals. Most nominations will fit into these categories, but there may be individuals with qualification of equal value in other areas who should be considered.

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