GSPCA Top 25 Competition


Congratulations to our 2016 Top 25 Winner:

GCHG Ehrenvogel Achy Breaky Heart

Judges: Maxine Moinier, Sue Goldburg, Alessandra Folz
1st Runner-Up

GCHG TRF White River Howlin’ At The Stars, CD BN RA JH DS CGC

2nd Runner-Up

GCH Kan-Point’s Leading The Chase


Ranking Call Name Dog's Name
1 Cyrus BIS, BISS Gold GCH CH Ehrenvogel Achy Breaky Heart
2 CJ BIS, BISS GCH. VJK-Myst Garbonita's California Journey
3 Freeze GCH CH Crk On The Double
4 Ceely GCH CH Shannon's Celebration At Springrun
5 Diamond BISS, GCH Rose Mountian's Stelor Royal Diamond, JH
6 Twitter GCH CH Kempfers Follow Me, JH
7 Ozzy BISS, Gold GCH CH TRF White River Howlin' At The Stars, CD BN RA JH DS CGC
8 Loki BISS GCH CH Chindi's Mischief Maker RD
9 Shooter GCH Robin Crest Doubleee Shoot To Thrill, MH
10 Kisses GCH CH Kan Point's Summer Lovin', SH
11 Tory GCH Relentless Country Wind Tornado, JH
12 Bruce GCH Parador High Road
13 Logan Gold GCH CH Quinsea's War Admiral
14 Luna GCH Shade Mountian's Cane Bello Moon Dancer, JH
15 Miles GCH CH Silverlakes Tattinger Millesime
16 Gordon GCH CH Kan Points Leading The Chase
16 Gordon GCH CH Kan Points Leading The Chase
17 Stevi Ray GCH CH Pointsetter Pride And Joy
17 Sawyer GCH CH Liebmeister Sawyer Brown,JH,CA
17 Audrey GCH CH Legacyk Breakfast At Tiffany's
18 Dallas BISS, GCH Robin Crest Rockpoint Masquerade, JH
19 Preston GCH CH Summertime's Full Court Press, SH
20 MeMe GCH CH Bleugras N Renegade Pardon Me Boys!
21 Malibu GCH CH Claddagh's Wild Knights At Wood Hafen RN JH
22 Brewer GCH CH Dogwood Hills Ultra Brewed For Sonnenschein
23 Sokka GCH CH Wanapnts Sokka Just A Dog With A Boomerang
24 Burt GCH CH Cedar Runs Smokey And The Bandit
25 Opal GCH Ch Schutzen Opalescents Fantasy At Lakota Hills, JH