Congratulations to our 2015 Top 25 Winner:

BISS Platinum GCh Kan-Point’s Makin The Chase

Judges: Renee Lara, DVM, Sidney Marx , Diana Wilson
1st Runner-Up

GCH Relentless Country Wind Tornado, JH

2nd Runner-Up

GCH Rose Mountain’s Stelor Royal Diamond JH


Ranking Call Name Dog's Name
1 Piper GCH CH Kan-Point's Makin' The Chase
2 Vance GCH CH Robin Crest Edelmarke Investigator
3 Cyrus BIS, BISS GCH CH Ehrenvogel Achy Breaky Heart
4 CJ GCH VJK-Myst Garbonita's California Journey
5 Roy GCH CH Stelor's Royalty Remembered
6 Ashley GCH Tempos Honorable Ashley Wilkes
7 Meme GCH CH Markann-N-Kk's It Is All About Me
8 Bruce GCH Parador High Road
9 Twitter GCH CH Kempfers Follow Me, JH
10 Freeze GCH Crk On The Double
11 Diamond GCH Rose Mountian's Stelor Royal Diamond JH
12 Mel BISS GCH CH Homesteader's Star Burst  JH
13 Dallas GCH Robin Crest Rockpoint Masquerade JH
14 Tory GCH Relentless Country Wind Tornado JH
15 Shooter GCH Robin Crest Doubleee Shoot To Thril MH
16 Magic GCH Shannon's Magic Kingdom
17 Luna GCH Shade Mointian's Cane Bello Moon Dancer, JH
18 Logan GCH CH Quinsea's War Admiral
19 Matthew GCH CH Cedar Run Fire On The Mountian
20 Charlotte GCH Shortales n Coronets Once Upon A Day Dream
21 Joe GCH CH Starfield's GI Joe V Bulkley JH DM
23 Lina GCH Hideaway N Windheim Vintage Moonshine RN JH DJ
24 Taiga GCH CH De Lombardie Bulkley Solstice
25 Phoenix GCH O'Charida's Remember Fu Manchu JH


Becky Feigh

Colin Wildy

Emily  Sloviko

Melissa Campbell

Yvonne Hassler Dettering

Val Nunes Atkinson

Sandra Kretz

Edward Brown & Elizabeth Jennings

Karen Niffenigger

Jennifer Walhood

Janda Richmond

Leita Estes

Sara Holloway-Smith

Nancy Conrad

Lynne Duncan

Patty Busso

David & Karen Nauer

Tracy Duff "Westpointe GSP"

Holly Faught

Bob & Belle Nunley

Deb DeBruyn

Renee Lara & Carlene Swennson