CHIC stands for the Canine Health Information Center; it is a centralized database sponsored by the AKC Canine Health Foundation, (AKC/CHF) and the Orthopedic Foundation of America, (OFA) to provide breeders, owners and potential buyers a place to research information on the health issue(s) prevalent in his/her breed. It is important to keep in mind that a CHIC number only indicates the required tests have been performed, not passed. Breeders and puppy buyers should ask for copies of the test results or look at the OFA website for more detailed information on the results of the tests.

The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of American, (GSPCA) has chosen the following tests be completed in order for a GSP to obtain a CHIC identification number.

Cardiac: Exam (auscultation or echocardiogram) performed by a Board-Certified Cardiologist at the Minimum of age of 24 months, with results posted to the OFA site. Cardiac Clearance Information/Application on OFA

PLEASE NOTE: the “Basic” form says 12 months, but the GSPCA requirement for CHIC certification is 24 months. Anything under 24 months will not qualify for CHIC, though the results will appear on the OFA site.

Hip Dysplasia:  At minimum age of 24 months, screenings for Hip Dysplasia are performed by a veterinarian with X-rays sent to OFA for grading and certification Hip Clearance Information/Application on OFA. We will also accept a PennHip exam at a minimum age of 24 Hip Clearance information from PennHIP

Elbow Dysplasia:  OFA Evaluation at Minimum age of 24 months. Elbow dysplasia is a rising incidence in all sporting breeds including the GSP.  Elbow Clearance Information/Application on OFA

Eye Exam:  The eye examination by a Board Certified ACVO Ophthalmologist annually until age 6.  Results must be registered with the OFA.  There is no recommended age to begin testing as long as the eyes are open.  Eye Exam Information/Application on OFA

Cone Degeneration:  This disease is the result of the loss of photopic vision caused by selective degeneration of the cone photoreceptors.  It is more commonly known as day blindness.  University of California – Davis results must be registered with the OFA.  Please note that only one subsequent generation of two CD tested dogs my be cleared by parentage.  The following generation will need to be tested. UC-Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory/Cone Degeneration

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