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2021 National Specialty: Junior Showmanship

SAT Judge – Mrs. Becky Feigh
Novice Junior Class – Becky Feigh

1 J5 (*)Shane Walker. 58266138004. STAREYED’S SIR SAMSON SMITH & WESSON TKN SS03686705. 2018-02-10. Brdr: Evelyn Glinski/Jean Bernier. CH STAREYED’S SILVER SPIKE – CH KNOTTYPINE’S ‘N STAREYED’S MIRACLE. Owners: Erica Walker & Shane Walker. Pointers (German Shorthaired). (#45)
Novice Intermediate Class – Becky Feigh
2 J6 (*)Gabrielle Mackin. 10449231003. HOTWIRED’S SHE’S A PISTOL TKN SS19818203. 2020-07-11. Brdr: Mekenzie Cecil/Karin S Cecil. GCHS CH OTCH5 VOYAGER’S PERFECT PARTNER VCD1 UDX5 OM9 BN GN GO RE MH OA NF CGC TKA – CH ADAMO’S THE PARTY NEVER STOPS. Owners: Erica Walker & Shane Walker. Pointers (German Shorthaired). (#26)
A J7 (*)Orlando Cano Jr. 82292469003. HIDEAWAY ACRES SWEET DREAMS AT TEXANO SS17009811. 2020-01-09. Brdr: Susan L Prohaska/Diane P Prohaska. GCH CH ROSE MOUNTAIN’S ROYAL ROCK N ROLL RUDY JH – GCH CH HIDEAWAY ACRES MOONSHINE SERENADE DJ. Owners: Orlando & Jose Cano/ Diane Prohaska/ Susan Prohaska. Pointers (German Shorthaired). (#232)
1 J8 Caleb Foster. 12451259002. WIND RIVER’S THAT’S A FALL SS20018902. 2020-06-09. Brdr: Debbi Koeberlein. CH ABBE LANE’S HANDSOMEST CY CARROLL SH DS – WIND RIVER’S CABELAS NATURAL BORN INSTINCT. Owners: Kimberly Foster. Pointers (German Shorthaired).
Novice Senior Class – Becky Feigh
A J9 Kaitlyn Wanke. 93395620004. CEDAR RUN HAULING ICE SS06047401. 2018-06-03. Brdr: Christopher Rost/Michelle L Rost/Treasa Rost. KRYSTAL CREEK’S MOJO MH – CH CEDAR RUN AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME. Owners: Michelle Rost/Treasa Rost/Christopher Rost. Pointers (German Shorthaired).
Open Junior Class – Becky Feigh

A J10 (*)Khloe Miranda. 70730229001. GCH CH INFINITY’S FORBIDDEN JOURNEY SS03323407. 2018-01-18. Brdr: Osvaldo Miranda/Griselda A Gonzalez/Lise Cere. GCHS CH SILVERLAKES TAITTINGER MILLESIME – GCH CH DE LOMBARDIE WINDS OF INFINITY CGC. Owners: Osvaldo Miranda/Griselda A Gonzalez. Pointers (German Shorthaired).
A J11 (*)Tenley Abbott. 17295518001. VIRAGO’S COLDWATER WITH HEAVY CREAM SS17309003. 2019-10-08. Brdr: Alex Spear/Diane Prohaska/Susan L Prohaska. GCH CH ROSE MOUNTAIN’S LAST MAN STANDING JH – CH HIDEAWAY ACRES HAPPILY EVER AFTER AT MTM. Owners: Tenley Abbott/Kimberly Abbott. Pointers (German Shorthaired).
Open Intermediate Class – Becky Feigh

1/RBJH J12 Garrett Schauer. 34076823003. GCHS CH CHRISHELLE’S I LOVE ROCK ‘N ROLL CD BN RE JH CGC SR92794307. 2016-04-12. Brdr: Christopher Wiberg/Michelle Wiberg. GCH CH HI-SPIRIT’S ARISTIDES RN JH – GCH CH BERBER TOUAREG AUS DEM NORDEN BN RE JH CGC. Owners: Chris Wiberg/Michelle Wiberg/Garrett Schauer. Pointers (German Shorthaired).
2 J13 Benjamin Foster. 68901077004. WIND RIVER’S I’LL GET YOU MY PRETTY MH SR91944410. 2016-02-19. Brdr: Debbi Koeberlein. HOGAN VOM RIVERWOODS MH – WIND RIVER’S FANNIE MAY PIXIE MH. Owners: Kimberly Foster/Debbi Koeberlein. Pointers (German Shorthaired).
Open Senior Class – Becky Feigh
1/BJH J14 Erin Bernecker. 51848902003. GCH CH WHITEOAK & DREAMN DONT YOU FORGET ABOUT ME CGC TKN SS17616204. 2020-03-12. Brdr: Scott Dickerson/Michelle Plunkett/Ronda Hannah. GCHB CH BNJ WHITEOAK NEVERENDING STORY RN JH CA DS CGC TKN – GCH CH DREAMN’S LIVIN ON THE EDGE CA BCAT. Owners: Jennifer Murphy/Eric Murphy/ Erin Bernecker. Pointers (German Shorthaired).
2 J15 (*)Athena Tirre. 35638459003. GCH CH RUGERHEIM’S MAMA’S SPITTIN’ IMAGE SS11923909. 2019-04-29. Brdr: Janet Chandler/Athena Tirre. CH RUGERHEIM’S LOOKIN’ AT BECKHAM – GCHB DC EHRENVOGEL-RUGERHEIM’S PISTOL PACKIN MAMA. Owners: Athena Tirre and Janet Chandler. Pointers (German Shorthaired). (#272)
3 J16 (*)Wyatt Jenkins. 44726802002. GCH CH EDELMARKE SHADE MTN BEAUX BEAR SS00633306. 2017-08-07. Brdr: Lisa Cornell/William Cornell/Brenda Abraham. GCHS CH SHADE MOUNTAIN’S FIRE N ICE JH – CH KRUZ EDELMARKE SHIMMER OF GOLD. Owners: Wyatt Jenkins. Pointers (German Shorthaired). (#143)
Master Class – Becky Feigh
A J17 (*)Mikala Semour. 39838344003. CH CEDAR RUN IT’S 5 O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE DJ SS00864501. 2017-08-14. Brdr: Christopher Rost/Michelle L Rost/Treasa Rost. GCHS CH SILVERLAKES TAITTINGER MILLESIME – GCH CH TULLAMORE TIME TRAVELLA. Owners: Treasa Rost/Michelle Rost/Christopher Rost. Pointers (German Shorthaired).