Reminder Of New Process For Online Nominations

As many of you have noticed when renewing your membership, our new database is up and running! This means some changes to the Nomination process:

Instead of choosing a Breed judge via checklist or write-in, all nominations are now write-in. The list of INELIGIBLE judges is posted right on the online form by the spaces to enter your choices, to ensure you don’t nominate an ineligible judge. We have posted the list of ELIGIBLE Conformation judges here.

ALSO – Family Memberships no longer log out/back in for a second round. You now will include ALL of your nominations on one single submission.

IMPORTANT – Each membership (Regular or Family) is allowed to take this nomination form ONE TIME.

After you have entered your choices there’s a summary page to confirm your choices before final submission. You also will get a confirmation email that includes your nominations.

Marty and Missy have worked diligently on this and several members have tested it. That does not mean there won’t be glitches!

If you have any issues at all with the FORM, or a suggestion for improvement, please contact Missy at

If you have a question about the nomination process itself, please contact Marty at or call 918-914-9353.

Deadline for nomination is: FEBRUARY 1, 2022