GCHG TRF White River Howlin At The Stars

Breeders: Becky Feigh, Sam and Kipp Whelan, Steve Whelan
Owners: Rick and Becky Feigh and Kipp Whelan

ROMX Awarded May 2017
For Producing:

Dam Ch Olde Ridge She’s My Pick
Ch Olde Ridge Wishing On A Star
Ch Olde Ridge Keeper of the Stars

Dam Ch Windheim’s Goodnight Gracie RN JH
GCH Ch Windheim’N Hideaway’s Home Brewed CD BN RA SH DS CGC
GCH Ch Hideaway’n Windheim’s Mountain Moonshine
GCHS Ch Hideaway’N Windheim’s Vintage Moonshine RN JH CA RATN DMA
Ch Hideaway’N Windheim White Lightning RA JH DN CGC

Dam Ch Wannapoints Mello Yello Delite RN
Ch Wannapoints Kissed By A Star
Ch Wannapoints Molded In the Image Of Shadywood
Ch Wannapoints Howlin’s At Mello Hill
GCHS CH Wanapnts Sokka-Just A Dog With A Boomerang CGC

Dam Ch Mi Karma’s The Color Purple CD RE JH
Ch Mi Karma’s Purple Polka Dot Bikini
Ch Mi Karma’s Purple Odyssey CD BN RE CGC
Ch Mi Karma’s Shades of Purple @ Karacel
GCH Ch Mi Karma’s Purple Paramour RN NA NAJ OAP AJP XFP CA CGC
Ch Mi Karma’s Passionately Purple @ Olde Ridge
GCH Ch Mi Karma’s Purple Dragon @ Honeybriar BN RN

Dam Ch Legacyk Fifth Avenue
Ch Legacyk Vsop

Dam Ch Olde Ridge Silhouette In the Moonlight
Ch Olde Ridge More Than A Memory At Fourwinds JH
GCH Ch Olde Ridge Gangster in Paradise CGC
Ch Olde Ridge in the Misty Moonlight CGC

Dam GCH Ch Olde Ridge Love At First Sight
Ch White River Mark of Olde Ridge
Ch Olde Ridge Dancing Beneath the Stars

Dam GCH Ch Quest’s Elektra of Farrook CD BN RA MH AX AXJ XF
GCH Ch Quest’s At Last of Farrook JH
GCH Ch Quest’s Lady Day of Farook JH
GCH Ch Quest’s Take Five of Farrook JH

Dam GCH Ch Highbrass Plenty of Jazz RN JH
Ch Highbrass Les’s Dance JH
Ch Jaegersmann All That Jazz and More

Dam Ch Paladen’s There’s No Place Like Home CGC
Ch Paladen’s My Place, My Rules

Dam Ch Berihill Panamint in the Limelight
Ch Skyfall’s Going For the Gold Vom Deppe-Haus

Dam GCHG Ch Markann-N-KK’s It Is All About Me CD RE JH
Ch Grandlams Maven of Legends CGC
Ch Grand Slam’s Takin’ It By Storm At Wynnsong