CH Kan-Points Some Thing To Talk About RN ROMX

Owners: Lucretia Coonrod and Alice Manning
Breeders: Lucretia Coonrod, Linsey Coonrod and Judy Parietti

ROMX Awarded September, 2017
For Producing:

Sire: NSC CH Ehrenvogel Daredevil VCD2 BN RAE JH OAP OJP OF OFP
CH Kan-Point’s Fool’n Around
CH Kan-Point Foolproof Ehrenvogel CD RE JH NAP NJP
CH Kan-Point’s Foolish Pride

Sire: Caijoy Dirty Dancing CD JH
CH Kan-Point’s What a Way to Go
CH Kan-Point’s Katrina’s Way
CH Kan-Point My Way or the Highway
CH Kan-Point Way2go Ehrenvogel MH
CH Kan-Points Runaway to Cloverhill MH

Sire: CH Ehrenvogel Amarillo Slim MH
CH Kan-Point’s Pyrotechnics JH
CH Kan-Point’s Grand Finale
CH Kan-Point’s lil’ Firecracker CD RN MH
CH Kan-Point Born in the USA CD RAE JH NAP NJP