GK’s Nuke It ROMX

Owners: Robert K. Reynolds and Michael Josephson
Breeder: Greg Keise

ROMX Awarded Summer 2021
For Producing:

Dam: Thunders Fully Automatic Ohi
FC West Wind’s High Spirit

Dam: FC AFC Chicororee’s Megan Direct
FC Whiskeyrun Suzie Q
FC Chicoree’s Jackie V Nuke
FC Chicoree’s Jake V Nuke

Dam: Hipoint’s Kassidy Kid
FC Whiskey Run’s Star is Born
FC Nuke It’s Lil’ Jagermeister

Dam: FC AFC Trumbull Creek Allie
FC Hi-Point’s Express
Trumbull Creeks Angel Wings MH

Dam: NAFC FC AFC Annie’s Little Stinker
FC Msr’s Timeless Glow
NFC GFC FC Msr’s Opalescence

Dam: FC Outbak’s Josey
NGDC FC Outbak’s Jaded One
FC Hadlock’s She’s For Me

Dam: Kaws Royal Ragin Reni JH
FC AFC Hipoints Nuke Powered Tank

Dam: Kaws Angelos Awesome Angel
FC AFC Jaks Nuclear Angel

Dam: Hersheys Kiss JH
FC Hersheys Mini Kiss
FC AFC Straitline Don’t Mess With Tess

Dam: Semi Automatic Sabrina
AFC Semi Automatic Run A Way Bud
FC Semi Automatic Scarlett

Dam: FC Tulli’s Shelby
FC Tulli’s Excess
FC AFC Tulli’s Cajun Thunder
AFC GK’s Ramblin Hollywood

Dam: FC Hi-Point’s Lukes Leading Lady
AFC Bristol’s Here Comes Trouble