DC AFC Gamble’s Odyssey Fritz MH ROMXX

Breeder: Rick Hopkins
Owner: Rick Hopkins


Dam: CH Liebmeister Magic Spell MH
Vogelmeister’s Aubie MH

Dam: Fancy Feather Growly
Norton’s Odyssey Cruz MH

Dam: DC AFC Odyssey’s First Class Flyer MH
CH Odysseys Miracle Maverick
FC AFC Odysseys Charismatic

Dam: CH AFC Madrone Southwind Chime MH MX MXJ
DC Madrone Three Ring Circus MH

Dam: Snips Snappin’sally SH
DC AFC Snips Midwest Maverick SH

Dam: FC AFC Ricochet’s Lightning Feather CD SH
FC AFC Ricochet’s Lightning Twist
AFC Ricochet’s Iroquois Hunter CDX MH

Dam: Saddle Up Hustler Von Boomer
Fieldmaster’s Silverdollar MH

Dam: Snip’s Rip Tear’N Tia
Gamble’s Jumping Jackie MH

Dam: Razorhavens’s Sundance Maggie
DC Gamble’s Benney the Jet MH

Dam: Son Starr’s Babe
DC Gambles Sam Man MH

Dam: JBK’s Barb
FC Gamble’s Chip Off the Ol’Block SH

Dam: Bird Belladonna Vd Himmel JH
FC Miller’s Mischievous Maebyn Vdhimmel JH

Dam: Field Jager’s Berit Gore MH
Dankar’s Ready and Able Blitz MH

Dam: FC AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Sally MH
FC AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Sky is The Limit JH

Dam: Snips Rip-N-Izzy SH
Ch Snips Cowboy Way SH

Dam: Snips Rip-N-Izzy SH
FC AFC Snips Sixth-Sens Wyatt MH
Ch Snips Bring It On Brandi SH DN