NATIONAL GSP RESCUE German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue


There are always GSPs in need of rescue, and Rescue is always in need of volunteers. There are many ways to contribute:

FOSTER HOMES – Either short or long term. Short term for emergency situations (pull a dog from a shelter that is scheduled for euthanization) or Long term: a dog that has been accepted into GSP Rescue and will need a foster home until he/she is placed. Long term foster homes must have secure above-ground fencing where the dog can safely get off lead exercise. Due to their temporary nature, short-term foster homes, if they don’t have above-ground fencing, must commit to hand-walking the foster (flexi lead or long check cord/leash).

TRANSPORT – Sometimes we need to move a dog from a shelter to foster care, or from temporary foster to long term, or from foster home to adopting home.

INTERVIEW - When someone wants to adopt a GSP, they first complete the application then a phone interview happens. Then, a home check is the last step in the process to approve a home for a GSP rescue. We have a form with guidelines on what to look for and questions to ask.

VISIT SHELTERS – Sometimes shelters have dogs that they believe may be GSPs but we always need visual confirmation before we can accept a GSP Rescueinto Rescue. (Click here for tips to ID a GSP)Some shelters do not have the capability to take a digital photo and instantly email for identification; in these cases it is easiest for a volunteer to drive over to the shelter and see the dog in person.

FUND RAISING - If you are experienced at marketing or fund raising, you can donate your talents in this area. Our web sites are all managed on a volunteer basis so any help there is greatly appreciated, too.

TO VOLUNTEER FOR A RESCUE GROUP NEAR YOU, please visit our Contacts page: If there is NO organized group in your area, you can still volunteer (or ask us about starting a rescue group!) just email us and we'll help get you started!