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RescueMonetary Donations

Thank you for your consideration! Please note that 100% of donations go directly to GSPCA Rescue. Donors may choose the amount to give. Please make sure to include your name in the Notes field on the Paypal checkout page. If you are donating in memory of a dog or a person, or would otherwise like your funds earmarked for a specific dog or cause, please write your dedication in the "Notes" field.

Steve Jewell Memorial Donations ◊ HERE ◊
Rein Raud Memorial Donations ◊ HERE ◊
Ken & Judy Marden Memorial Donations ◊ HERE ◊
Bob Slagle Memorial Donations ◊ HERE ◊
Patti Keller Memorial Donations ◊ HERE ◊
Samuel A. Baxter Memorial Donations ◊ HERE ◊

Rescue Rescue

GSPCA wishes to thank the following donors for their contributions to the Rescue cause:

Marilyn Green

Ashley Derrick

Nancy Miles

Allison Newman

Leonardo Rodriguez-Cruz

Melanie Lowe

GSPC of Western NY

Pat & Julian Bellin: in honor of Sophie, and all the GSPs that might be helped. With aloha and love to our girl--we love and miss you.

Sue Trent: In loving memory of Sam, faithful companion to Danya Trent, Stan Phillips, and Hunter

Deanan Way

LeAndra Smith


Arneita Pisciotto

Carol Chadwick

Clarence & Jean Clark

Chuck & Judy Parietti

Curtiss & Sheila Waggoner

Dean & Cheryl Browning

David Deioma

Elaine & Jerry Last

Carrie Winsor

Jack Block

John & Teresa Kepertis

Jerry & Joyce Luza

James & Linda Stinnett

Karen Detterich

Marilyn Gates

Nancy & Galen Conrad

Pat McEwen

Dave & Susan Sample

Tawna & Bruce Mertz

Samantha Freed

Linda Nickerson

Stephen Barnes

GSPCI - in memory of Bob Slagle

Jeannin-Melissa Russo

Susanne Dillin

Ruth Ann Freer Godfrey

Melanie Shufran

Sharon Kirkpatrick

Lisa Mistle

rTheodore Fortier

Jennifer Fleming

Rebecca Craig

Ken & Sue Clemons - in memory of Bob Slagle

Donna and Donathan Bush - in memory of Bob Slagle

Carrie Duran

James M Lewis - in memory of Bob Slagle

Capital Dog Training Club - in memory of Bob Slagle

I.E. Consultants, Inc - in memory of Bob Slagle

Jim Dinges - in memory of Bob Slagle

Char Rutar - in memory of Bob Slagle

Stephen Hendrix - My dear friend Elisa Herbert does all she can for this wonderful breed. We donate this her honor of her birthday - Happy Birthday Elisa!

Dorothea Hand, Fieldfine - in memory of Bob Slagle

Barbara Erwin