Shorthair Journal Ad Sizes & Rates

Advertising Specifications
Full Page Ad
Finished size: 8.5 x 11
Live Area: 7.5 x 10
Bleed: .125" with advertisement page size 8.75 x 11.25 inches
Half Page Ad
Finished size: 8.5 X 5.5
Live Area: 7.5 X 5
Bleed: .125" with advertisement page size 8.75 x 5.75 inches

Advertising a dog or kennel is a perk of membership in the GSPCA. All dogs/kennels advertised must be fully owned by GSPCA members in good standing. For advertised litters, the dam must be fully owned by GSPCA members in good standing and health testing on the sire and dam must be included. An exception to the fully owned rule is made for deceased dogs but in that case the person placing the ad must have been an owner and be a current member in good standing.

Members are encouraged to run ads for their businesses especially if it relates to GSPs, events or to interest to our members. See Commercial and Classified rates. 

Member Clubs are welcome to advertise their club, upcoming events, special awards, etc.

Corporations and Non - Members can run full, half or quarter page ads to advertise their businesses or services. We also offer a Classified section at a special annual rate. See Commercial and Classified rates.  

Please email Bonnie directly for any special pricing not listed below: Please be sure to check that a cover is available BEFORE you make your deposit.

REGULAR ADS for centerfold click here
JULY/AUGUST SPECIAL: Companion Event Ads
$125 for July/Aug 2021

Full Page $250.00
Half Page $150.00

Full Page $100.00
Half Page $65.00
Quarter Page $40.00

Ad Size

Full Page: 1 Issue $500 / 6 Issues $2250
Half Page: $300

Full Page: 1 Issue $200 / 6 Issues - $900
Half Page: $130
Quarter Page: $80

Ad Size
CLASSIFIEDS: 6 Issue Rates Only
Dogs and Kennels Ads - Members Only

Small (Business Card Size)  $100
Large (Quarter Page)  $200

Ad Size: 6 Issues
Whelping Box  $40
With Breeder Listing  $20
Quarter Page, Black & White only

Whelping Box:
Quarter Page, Black & White only
COVERS & CENTERFOLD Please confirm availability before paying

Front Cover color only $450
Not available for Jan/Feb NFT & July/Aug NSS issues

Back Cover color only $400

Inside Front or Back color only $300 

Centerfold color only $500

2 page spread (anywhere in the magazine) $350

July/Aug 2021


Sept/Oct 2021


Nov/Dec 2021


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Mobile: 215-378-0203

Magazine Chair:
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New Member List Coordinator: Denise Avery
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