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The GSPCA is committed to the health of GSPs. Here is a list of resources for general health information and for health testing:

General Information

Addison’s Disease

Testing Resources

Health Testing Clinics – Open to all Breeds

Canine Health Testing Clinic List from

Canine Cancer



The GSPCA is proud to be a Charter Sponsor of the Canine Health Foundation's new Epilepsy Research Initiative. Our $10,000 donation will help support a two phase research effort to better classify the disease, understand the underlying mechanisms that predispose dogs to epilepsy, better prevent the disease and finally, to introduce new drugs into the epilepsy treatment pipeline.

Epilepsy is the general term for neurological conditions causing seizures and is among the most common neurological disorders in dogs. Any breed of dog can be affected. Epilepsy can be heritable and some breeds are believed to be predisposed to the condition.

Because little is known about the causes of epilepsy, a significant investment must be made to achieve real progress in the fight against this disease. Beginning this spring, the CHF will begin reviewing Phase 1 research proposals from collaborative research groups to identify the underlying molecular mechanisms of the disease. As a Charter Sponsor, the GSPCA will be able to make opportunities available for German Shorthaired Pointers to participate by donating blood samples and providing medical information as this groundbreaking research progresses.

Please stay tuned for more information as this major research project is formally announced by the Canine Health Foundation this spring.

Lyme Disease


  • Tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Research Study Participation

The AKC Canine Health Foundation has a current listing of research studies looking for genetic or tissue samples.



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