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Tick Talk 2016

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Fleas, Ticks, What's the Difference?
Speaker:  Dr. Chris Adolph, DVM, MS, DACVM (Parasitology), Veterinary Specialist, CAD Veterinary Specialty Operations, Zoetis Animal Health

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Tick Borne Infectious Diseases in North America: Clinical and Zoonotic Implications
Speaker: Dr. Edward B. Breitschwerdt, DVM, DACVIM, Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases, College of Veterinary Medicine, NCSU

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Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt, a specialist in internal medicine and infectious disease at North Carolina State University has received funding from the AKC Canine Health Foundation for various infectious diseases including Bartonella spp. In this podcast, Dr. Breitschwerdt describes several common tick borne illness, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and Lyme Disease. Dr. Breitschwerdt also shares the symptoms to watch for and what treatments are available.
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Research Update: Ehrlichiosis and New Strategies for Tick Control (From AKC)

Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease (From NPR)


A Lyme Disease Warning From The CDC

Fox 5 Special: Lyme & Reason

New & Emerging Tickborne diseases: Agents, clinical features & surveillance 

Lyme Disease History and Evolution of Tick borne Disease HD

Psychoimmunology of Tick borne Diseases and its Association with Neuropsychiatric Symptoms HD 

Overview of Tick-Borne Infections - Joe Katta, MD  


Tick-Borne Disease: Prevalence, Prevention and Treatment. Read CHF's whitepaper to learn more about ticks, tick-borne diseases, and how to keep your dog safe.

Fundraising for Tick-Borne Diseases in Dogs Gets a Boost from AKC. Read about ticks and how tick-borne disease can impact your dog. Your support can help further research in this field, and in 2016, all donations to CHF's Tick-Borne Disease Initiative will be matched by the AKC.

Fighting Tick-Borne Disease in Dogs. Read about Felton, who was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis, and how you can make an impact in fighting tick-borne disease.

Canine Tick-Borne Disease. Lean about ticks, the diseases they can transmit and how to keep your dog safe.

10 Myths About Lyme Disease and Other Tick-borne Diseases So much controversy surrounds the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease, especially Chronic Lyme or Post-treatment Lyme disease Syndrome (PTLDS), that several myths have developed about the ticks that transmit it, the chance of contracting it, the methods for diagnosing it, and the possibilities for treating it successfully. 

Here are some of those myths, their corrections, and resources to support the facts:

Tips from Purina ProPlan: Bird Dog Exposure to Tick-Borne Diseases

Death of a Dream: Anaplasmosis (PDF)

Ticks and Tickborne Bacterial Diseases in Humans: An Emerging Infectious Threat 

Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis: Zoonotic Species 

Emerging Tick-Borne Diseases: A Roundtable Discussion 

Practical Guide to Tick-Borne Disease

Psychiatric Lyme: What Every Mental Health Specialist Should Know About Lyme and Tick-Borne Illness (brochure)  

Protect Yourself Against Tick-Borne Disease  

Tick Borne Diseases: Prevalence, Prevention, and Treatment (from AKC CHF)  

Tick Borne Diseases of the United States – A Reference Manual for Health Care Providers

Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases

Lyme Disease: What You Need to Know (brochure)

Something to Grapple with: How Wily Lyme Disease Prowls the Body

The Research

CHF issued a call for research proposals (RFP) in March 2016. The first round of funding through the Initiative was announced in June, and the second in July. These exciting exciting grants attack tick-borne disease by funding much-needed research to find new ways to prevent infections, and recognize, diagnose and treat tick-borne diseases before they become debilitating or even fatal to dogs.

>>>Read about the first round of funding through the Tick-Borne Disease Initiative!

>>>Read about the second round of funding through the Tick-Borne Disease Initiative!

















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