below are the minutes from our recent meeting via teleconference. We will publish our most recent minutes here and archive the older minutes for future reference.

Health Committee Conference Call Minutes : July 21, 2015

Karen N called the meeting to order at 1908 CST.  Committee members in attendance were:
Karen Nauer
Sandra Kretz
Clyde Vetter
Bob Reynolds
Sherry Thrall
Cyndi Boysen

Karen N stated there will not be an August conference call meeting.

Karen N welcomed Sherry Thrall to the committee.  Sherry T gave a brief summary of her experience with GSPs.  Each committee member then introduced themselves and gave a brief summary of their experiences with GSPs.  Karen N stated that the H&W’s main focus was to promote health education to the membership as well as the public.

Karen N stated that the GSPCA website is being completely revamped and should be up and running on August 1st.  Karen N stated the new website will be user friendly and appeal to new puppy owners.

Karen N repeated last meeting’s discussion on the testing for LD.  Karen N stated the LD test is being offered by PennGen.  She stated the final research was never published.  GSP owners with question regarding the testing are referred to PennGen.

Karen N stated there are Guidelines for members of the H&W committee.  She stated that she will send the guidelines to all committee members to review and offer any suggestions for updating the document.

Karen N discussed the Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy study.  The committee agreed on making a $2500 donation.  Karen N will present this donation to the BOD for approval.

Renee Lara joined the conference call at 1936 CST.

Karen N stated that she has had five people approach her in the last month regarding Addison’s Disease.  The committee discussed that while this is a large number, overall, the GSP breed has a low incidence of Addison’s Disease.  Resources for Addison’s disease are in the H & W section of the website.

The committee discussed the proliferation of laboratories offering DNA testing on dogs.  The committee discussed OFA registering results of tests.  Sandra K will contact OFA regarding quality control of testing, lists of approved labs, lists of approved tests, and any possible patent disputes.  The members discussed submitting an article to the Shorthair Journal educating the membership on DNA testing.  Sandra will request assistance from OFA on writing the article.

Karen N stated that she will contact Ann Jeglum again regarding the breed survey research project.

Karen N reminded the committee the next conference call will be in September. 

Karen N adjourned the meeting at 2009 CST. custom search:
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