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The identities of our three judges are kept secret until the evening of the Top 25 Competition. The Gala committee chooses the judging panel by secret ballot, and results are known only to the committee member serving as judge coordinator*.

Our judges are drawn from three areas: AKC-licensed judges, breeders, and (beginning with 2007) AKC Sporting breed judges. All have backgrounds in Sporting Dogs, German Shorthaired Pointers and are well-qualified to judge this event.

Thank you judges for your time and effort to make this annual event a great success!

Previous Top 25 Judges:

2022, Estes Park, CO (Combined event)
Barbara Perry McNeill, Breeder Judge
Bob Shreve, AKC Judge
Colton Johnson, Handler Judge

2020-21, East Peoria, IL
Karen Cecil, Breeder Judge
Jay Richardson, AKC Judge
Correy Krickeberg, Handler Judge

2019, York, PA
Robin Remondi, Breeder Judge
Richard Powell, AKC Judge
Ernesto Lara, Handler Judge

2018, Boise, ID
Linda Bynum, Breeder Judge
Rich Gschwender, AKC Judge
Lesli Smith, Handler Judge

2017, Lawrence, KS
Mr. Paul D Catterson,
Mrs. Debbie L Melgreen,
Ms. Patty Crowley

2016, Harrisburg, PA
Ms. Alessandra Folz,
Mrs. Sue Goldburg,
Mrs. Maxine Moinier

2015, Denver, CO
Renee Lara, DVM
Sidney Marx
Diana Wilson

2014, Oconomowoc, WI
Charles A. Edwards
Mareth K. Kipp
Lori Sargent

2013, Gettysburg, PA

Mrs. Mary Ann Alston
Mrs. Ann King Wallace
Ms. Alessandra Folz

2012, Phoenix, AZ

Ms Charlene Rutar
Mrs. Loraine Boutwell
Mr. Louis "Lou" Torres

2011, Oconomowoc, WI

Ms Jennifer Corr
Eve Parsons
Paulette (Polly) Swanson

2010, Gainesville, FL

Dr. Richard Hilderman
Jane Meyers
Mary Morris

2009, Denver, CO

Susan Clemons
Delores (Dee) H. Maltz
Peggy K. Roush

2008, Oconomowoc, WI

Valerie Nunes-Atkinson
Erik Bergishagen
Joan Tabor

2007, Fort Mitchell, KY

Karen Detterich
Tom Hale
Rusty Howard

2006 Phoenix, AZ

Sue Harrison
Gloria Kerr
Margie Wilson

2005 Collinsville, IL

Jim Burns
Diane Engleking
Peggy Roush

2004 Lancaster, PA

Andrew Doyle
Sandra Kretz
Patricia Laurans

2003 Riverside, CA

Arlene Davis
Ruth Ann Freer
Bruce Schultz

2002 Austin, TX

Clint Livingston
Patty A Long Smith
Betsy Yates

2001 - Event not held

2000, Portland, OR (event held by the GSP Club of Oregon)

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