Stud Dog Gala

contact: Kim Abbott Coldwatergsps@gmail.com | 360-448-5598

You have seen them in the ring, field, and other venues – now join us Friday evening to meet Breeders and their Stud Dogs. Come see prospective Stud Dogs in person and put your hands on them, watch them move, and see their temperaments in person. Meet their get and speak with breeders you have always wanted to talk with in person. It will be a fun evening sharing our breed with one another.

Stud Dog Owners/Kennels: if you are interested in sharing your stud dogs/kennels with the fancy, please join us. Feel free to share your dogs with us by setting up an area that displays your dog’s achievements, health testing, contracts, pedigrees, etc. (Frozen Semen dogs that have passed are welcome too.)

Kennel Name: ___________________________________________Date Est:___/____/____

Stud Dog’s Registered Name: __________________________________________________

Dog’s Call Name:__________________________________ Dog’s Date of Birth___/___/____

Owner’s Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________ Email: _______________________________

Send to Kim Abbott • coldwatergsps@gmail.com or 19107 NE 184th ST, Brush Prairie, WA 98606