Pee Wee Handling

contact: Becky Feigh rbfeigh@iquest.net

Friday May 13 | Judge: Mrs Valerie Nunes-Atkinson

  • For kids from 5- 9 years of age (with a parent or guardian).
  • Dog must me at least six (6) months of age to enter.
  • All dogs must have proper leash and collar.

The Special Attraction to follow regular class judging when ring becomes available. An announcement will be
made regarding the start time. Entries are in person up to the start of Pee Wee Class judging on Friday Sept 3, 2021. There is NO entry fee. There is no limit on number of teams. All participants will receive a ribbon and

The Pee Wee Special Attraction is a pre-Junior Showmanship Class for children who are at least age 5 and under
age 9 tears on the date of the show. This is not a competitive class, but rather a fun, learning experience for the
child and adult. Each child is accompanied into the ring by a responsible adult who stays with the child at all times;
only one Pee Wee Handler and one adult will be in the ring at any one time. The adult is to maintain control of the
dog outside the ring as well as ensure control inside the ring. A primary goal is safety and a positive experience for
the children, so at the judge’s discretion, the adult may be required to attach a second leash to the dog in the ring.

The dog handled by the Pee Wee Handler must be at least six (6) months of age, must be an AKC registered
German Shorthaired Pointer (including dogs with a PAL/ILP listing). Bitches in season are not allowed to participate
(eligible dogs may be substituted). Dogs must have a proper leash and collar. GSPCA will have a show lead and
collar available at ring side if needed.

An AKC licensed Junior Showmanship judge will be officiating at this event.

Before a Pee Wee participant will be allowed to enter the ring, his or her parent or legal guardian must sign a
Release of Liability Form. One will be provided at the show.

ENTRY FORM - or you can use a standard AKC entry form, and mark Pee Wee in the class box. Entry forms will be provided the day of the show. You do not need a Junior Showmanship number to participate

Please send your entry to Becky Feigh, 18 Thornhurst Dr., Carmel, IN 46032 or contact Becky Feigh at rbfeigh@iquest.net or 317-650-3250.

A reminder from the Show Committee to all Breeders/Exhibitors wanting to compete in the Pee Wee Class this weekend. KEEP YOUR DOGS THAT ARE ENTERED ONLY FOR THE PEE WEE CLASS, AWAY FROM RINGSIDE UNTIL THE RING IS CLEAR AND THE PEE WEE CLASS IS CALLED PLEASE! THANK YOU

* Updates are POSTED as information IS FINALIZED.