Health Screenings

contact: Karen Nauer krooksnauer@gmail.com

The Health & Welfare Committee is pleased to have Julie Martin, DVM MS Diplomate ACVIM provide cardiac screenings at the NSS. The clinic will be on Thursday, May 12. The starting time will depend on the number of scheduled appointments. The costs are $45 for an auscultation exam and $200 for an echocardiogram. Please reserve your appointment so we can have this clinic.  

Clarkson – Echo1:00 pm
Estes – Echo1:15 pm
Straight – Exam1:30 pm
Malcolm – Exam1:45 pm
Ibbitson – Exam2:00 pm
Pasko – Exam2:05 pm
Baran – Exam2:10 pm
Boyd - Exam2:15 pm
Mulvey – Exam2:20 pm
Turcotte – Exam2:25 pm
Turcotte – Echo2:30 pm
Mahoney- Exam2:15 pm
Dalgaard – Echo2:20 pm
Tanner – Exam2:35 pm
Rowbotham – Exam2:40 pm
Miranda – Exam2:45 pm
Koropecky – Exam2:50 pm
Koropecky – Exam2:55 pm
Verd – Exam3:00 pm
Wilson – Exam3:05 pm
Moinier – Echo3:10 pm

Deadline for Reservations April 29, 2022

Cardiac Screening
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* Updates are posted as information is confirmed and provided by the show committee.