2021 National Specialty Events: East Peoria, IL

Postponed to Late Summer 2021

Letter of Postponement:

The GSPCA Board of Directors has accepted the recommendation of the National Specialty Show Executive Committee (NSSEC) to postpone our National Specialty Show (NSS) scheduled May 18-24, 2021 in East Peoria, IL. Both the NSSEC and the GSPCA BOD believe that with the continued uncertainty surrounding the Covid19 pandemic this is the best decision that can be made right now.

While the State of Illinois is starting to relax restrictions as I write this, we don’t know where things will be in May. If the state doesn’t open enough to allow for our event we would end up having to move it at the last minute. If the state does continue to open to the point that the hotel could host our event in May we would be subject to a huge financial obligation to them if we cancelled it.

There has been some talk and consideration to move to a more “open” state but that does not bring any more certainty than our current date and location. We don’t have any idea if a state that is open right now will be in the future.

Many members have been concerned with travel and being in crowds and would not be willing to travel to any state for an event in the short term. As you are aware, President Biden has just announced several masks mandates including travel that extend for the next 100 days which takes us through to the end of April. I think everyone would agree we want members, attendees and judges to feel safe attending and that we could be confident that we could host the event in a way that it is enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

The NSSEC has tentatively secured dates with our hotel, the Embassy Suites in East Peoria, IL for the end of August - beginning of September.  Once more information becomes available, the information will be made shared with the membership and posted on the website.  A lot of details still need to be worked through. A lot of volunteers will be needed so hopefully you consider lending a hand if you can.

The NSSEC is asking for your continued patience and understanding. Just as the previously made decisions around the NSS, this decision was not taken lightly and wasn’t easily made. I know the NSSEC and all of us are frustrated with the continued changes but let us all hope together that this is the last one.

Sharon Fitzpatrick
GSPCA President

2021 JUDGES:
Best of Breed/Regular & Non Regular Classes: Ms. Heather Brennan
Sweepstakes & Veteran Sweepstakes: Ms. Becky Feigh
Maturity: Ms. Maureen Farley
Futurity: Ms Tracy Duff

*Indicates tentative. Updates are POSTED as information IS FINALIZED.