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GSPCA 2021 National Futurity
Running Order (Start After Amateur)

   Order Subject To Change   JUDGES: Wayne Yamashita, Mike Patrick
Brace Dog Full Name Call Name Gender Owner Handler/Agent
1 A Elvis's Future Echo Echo F Lance Felty Chris Goegan
B Outbak's JW Duke M Dick Walters Rich Barber
2 A Coulter's Full Throttle Scooter M Clyde Coulter Clyde Coulter
B Flint Hills Bubba Bubba M Mike Zimbelman Mike Zimbelman
3 A Uodibar's Another Rebel Rebel M John & Susan Rabidou Hank Lewis
B Moorecrests Skye Is The Limit Skye F Jacob Moore Chris Goegan
4 A Franco’s Squinkles Buster Squink M Harvey Franco Harvey Franco
B In-Country's Air Ride Hawk M Chris Young Chris Goegan
5 A Texas Preacher Man Mikey M Kirk & Terry Bomer Keith/Robbi Gulledge
B Foxgloves Making Change Molly F Brian Hill Brian Hill
6 A Miller Creek's On The Horizon Reyna F Matt Miller Dan DiMambro
B Trotters Bluff's Poured Neat Roscoe M Andrew Trotter Chris Goegan
7 A BDK’s Molly’s Game Molly F Michael Petrillo Keith Gulledge
B Snowy River H's Power Play Player M Chase Verdoorn Chase Verdoorn
8 A Outbak's How You Doin? Joey M Larry Bradley Jr Larry Bradley
B Cher Piper Clay's Cooper Cooper M Thomas James Chris Goegan
9 A BCF Josephine Jr JJ F Kristina Groselle Dave Walker
B BDK'S Jax Original Fire Chief Chief M Russell Robinson Keith Gulledge
10 A Hartlands Outbak Jewel Jewel F Jason Hart Rich Barber
B Snowy River H's Power Punch Punch M Chase Verdoorn Chase Verdoorn
11 A In Country's Cointoss Louie M Robert Reynolds Chris Goegan
B You Bet I's A Whiskey Lullaby Paisley F Jason Hyler Keith Gulledge
12 A Hi-N's Never Again Jess M Hank Lewis Hank Lewis
B Franco’s Mookey Buster Mo M Harvey Franco Harvey Franco
13 A Snowy River H's Power Tripp Tripp M Chase Verdoorn Chase Verdoorn
B Keg Creek Enforcer Rip M Keith Bryant Phil Casdorph
14 A AK's Spirit of NE Spirit F O Arthur Armbrust O Arthur Armbrust
B Haskal Run Ella Ella F Thomas James Chris Goegan
15 A You Bet I'm Not The Devil Jinks M Emily Hyler Keith Gulledge
B Up N'Adams Gaining Elevation Switchback M Joshua & Allison Miller Dan Hoke
16 A Rugerheim's Whiskey Magic Whiskey F Curt & Bobbi Cress & Athena Tirre Terry Chandler
B In-Country's Money Shot Birdie F Chris Young Chris Goegan
17 A Freeman's Hope Does Float Hope F Rusty Robinson Keith Gulledge
B Up N'Adam's Emily Sue Emily F Katrin & Tomas Tazza Barry Bollinger
18 A Snowy Rivers So Far So Sophie F Michael Kindler Michael Kindler
B Franco’s Mig Buster Mig M Harvey Franco Harvey Franco
19 A Snips Jekyll & Hyde Louie M William Kitts Chris Goegan
B Up N'Adam's Jennie Jennie F Katrin & Tomas Tazza Barry Bollinger
20 A Hi-N's Never Before Joe M Hank Lewis Hank Lewis


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