GSPCA National Amateur Gun Dog Championship
Guidelines & Running Rules


Mission Statement

The GSPCA Board of Directors recognize the desire of it’s members to be provided a venue to compete with their field dog(s) with the  handlers being on foot. The board also recognizes that the quality of a gun dog performance is not related to the method of conveyance used by the handler. They have therefore decided to hold a National Championship caliber field trial with the words “ Horseback Handling Prohibited” in it’s running rules. This event will be known as “The GSPCA National Amateur Gun Dog Championship.” This event will be judged on the AKC standards recognized for Gun Dogs

Running Rules: GSPCA National Amateur Gun Dog Championship

Governing Body

The NAGDC shall be run by a field trial committee consisting of one member from each of the recognized geographical areas. (ie Northeast, Southeast, North Central, South Central, Northwest and Southwest. These boundaries shall be those currently recognized by the Parent Club. Any changes in the boundaries in the future by the parent club shall also direct change in the NAGDC field trial committee makeup. In addition the committee shall include the Secretary of the GSCPCA and the Treasurer of the GSPCA. There will also be a Field Trial Secretary as a member of the committee. That would make nine members in all.  The members of the committee shall be presented to and approved by the GSPCA Board of Directors on an annual basis at its June meeting. This committee shall meet as often as necessary as determined by the chairman, to conduct its business. The committee may meet by E-Mail discussion, telephone conferences, or in person. At least one meeting per year shall be in person at the NAGDC trial itself. The committee shall also meet in mini sessions as needed to keep all committee members abreast of trial happenings and decisions and as necessary to deal with other issues. They may include but are not limited to standards of conduct, judges replacements, suspending the trial for weather conditions and the interpretation or application of AKC rules.

Location of Trial

The NAGDC field trial shall alternate between the East, Central and West on an annual basis. The first event shall be held in the Central, with the second in the East and the third in the West. The event shall be held in the spring considering the fact that the GSPCA NFT is a fall event. It shall be the responsibility of the two NAGDC field trial committee members from the district in which the trial is to be held that year to serve as chairmen or co-chairmen of the event and to organize it for that year. If extenuating circumstances arise that prevent the orderly rotation of the event, the committee with the approval of the GSPCA Board may choose to hold the event in a location that is out of sequence. Such circumstances may be but are not limited to the inability to find suitable grounds, vacancies of the committee or others deemed important by the committee and board.

Duties of the NAGDC Chairperson(s)

The GSPCA Board of Directors shall appoint the NAGD Chairperson (s). Since this event will rotate amongst the recognized geographical districts, the logical appointment should be a NAGCD committee member from the host district. Although the board is not limited to this decision.

Specific responsibilities of the chairman include

  1. Conduct all meetings. (NAGDC Committee, Disciplinary, Judges, Banquets, Etc.)

  2. With the assistance of the GSPCA Treasurer the NGADC chair shall prepare a detailed budget outlining the proposed and actual expenses of the NAGDC. The budget for the upcoming trial shall be submitted to the GSPCA Board no later than the GSPCA Board Meeting immediately prior to the trial. A detailed financial report outlining the expenses and income of the NAGDC shall be submitted to the treasurer no later than 30 days following the completion of the event.

  3. Following the selection of next years judges by the committee (from the nominated list) the chair shall contact the people selected and confirm their acceptance. These judge’s names and letters of acceptance shall be presented to the GSPCA Board for their approval no later than the board meeting prior to the event. The GSPCA Secretary shall write a letter to each confirmed judge detailing the expenses to be paid by the GSPCA. The NAGDC chair shall arrange for travel, lodging, care of horses (if judge brings their own) and incidentals during their stay at the NAGDC. The NAGDC chair shall insure that all judges are accorded proper respect, courtesy and dignity and act promptly with the NAGDC Committee concerning any violations of these. Should there be a late declination of a judge, it is the responsibility of the chair to obtain a replacement subject to the committee and GSPCA Board approval. Replacement judges will be selected from the original list of candidates considered by the field trial committee.

  4. The chair shall familiarize the judges and handlers with AKC Rules, GSPCA Rules and judging criteria as found in the guidelines for running the NAGDC.

  5. The chair will contract with the grounds owners for the period of the trial. He will also make arrangements for separate training grounds during the trial

  6. The chair is responsible for the layout of the course for each event and any alterations which may be needed for unforeseen circumstances. There will be a marshal riding each brace to inform the handlers of the direction of the course and to keep whatever gallery and/or observation vehicle from interfering with the smooth running of the event.

  7. All decisions concerning starting time, ending time, number of braces to be run in a day are the responsibility of the chair and his committee.

  8. An orientation preview of the course will be provided to familiarize any interested parties prior to the running. An appropriate announcement will be made.

NAGDC Secretary

The field trial secretary shall be a member of the committee but will not necessarily be a geographical member. This appointment by the GSPCA board will be separate from the regular committee members.

Specific Duties of the FTS include

  1. Submit the premium lists to the AKC.

  2. Provide the premium list To the GSPCA Publication which is mailed to all the GSPCA club members.

  3. Place advertisements in the official GSPCA Publication and other applicable publications in ample time to generate entries. These ads should outline amenities associated with the trial, i.e. lodging, food services, camping on site and scheduled events.

  4. Arrange with the appropriate state dept of wildlife concerning permits needed for field trial permits and permits required for the keeping and killing of game birds.

  5. Receive entries and entry fees and send monies to the GSPCA treasurer. All entries must be paid by the advertised closing of entries.

  6. Conducts the drawing and mails the running order to the catalog chair. The GSPCA Board of Directors shall determine entry fees. The drawing shall be held in accordance with the AKC Field Trial Rules and

Standard Procedure at the time and place specified in the premium list

  1. Prepares judges books and a judges marshal’s book for the event.

  2. In the event of scratches coordinates the changes in running order and informs the judges and judges marshal.

  3. Maintains the GSPCA insurance policy on the ground during the trial.

  4. Coordinates with the GSPCA Membership Chair in determining whether entries are members of the GSPCA. Verifies other qualifications for entry such as DNA requirements and previous placements required for entry

  5. Obtains judges signatures on appropriate forms and in judges books and forwards to AKC in a timely manner.

  6. Sends results, write ups and pictures to applicable publication(s) by the cut off date for inclusion in the next possible issue\

  7. Write thank you letters to the Judges and Marshals.

GSPCA Secretary

As in all committees the GSPCA Secretary is a voting member of the NAGDC Committee.

Specific duties of the GSPCA Secretary in regards to the NAGDC

  1. Makes application to the AKC for the NAGDC .

  2. Acts as secretary for all NAGDC and associated GSPCA committee meetings.

  3. Submits reports and minutes to the GSPCA Board and to the NAGDC committee members.

  4. Notes and records the result of votes taken at committee meetings.

  5. Receives items from member clubs for inclusion on the agenda of the NAGDC Committee Meeting.

GSPCA Treasurer

As in all committees of the GSPCA, the GSPCA Treasurer is a voting member of the NAGDC Committee.

Specific duties of the GSPCA Treasurer

  1. This person is responsible for all treasurer functions of the NAGDC including receiving revenue and  dispersing debited funds.

  2. Supplies the NAGDC chair and committee members with financial reports and assists in the preparation of  the budget for the next years event.

  3. Advises the NAGDC on the financial aspects of the trial.

  4. Makes payment of expenditures incurred at the trial authorized by the chair.

  5. Submits a report to the GSPCA Board of Directors.

Committees, Ideally the committee chairs should come from members of the NAGDC committee.

Hospitality Chairperson

Specific duties of the Hospitality Chair

  1. Responsible for organizing specific events and or banquets during the event. A welcoming banquet on the night before the start of the running explaining the order of events and the introduction of the judges would be essential.

  2. Hospitality events at the close of selected days running.
    a. Perhaps midmorning and mid afternoon beverages and snacks delivered on course for participants and judges. Perhaps this could be coordinated with the dog wagon chair if one is being used.

  3. Solicit sponsors for hospitality, banquets and their related costs. Contact local chambers of commerce, they many times want to become involved in national events in their area.

  4. Order appropriate judges gifts.

Catalog Chair

Specific duties of the catalog chair

  1. The official publication of the NAGDC will be an official publication consisting of information, running order and advertisements.

  2. The catalog chair will receive the running order from the secretary to include in the catalog.

  3. The catalog chair will solicit advertising.

  4. Catalogs should be available prior to the event.

  5. Complete a financial report regarding the catalog and submit to the GSPCA treasurer within 30 days following the event. 

Game Steward

The NAGDC committee will appoint a game steward.

Specific duties of the game steward

  1. Reserve and order birds and holding pens (if needed) well in advance of the event.

  2. Arrange for handlers to purchase training birds during the event if they desire.

  3. Arrange for delivery to the grounds.

  4. Control the key for the locked holding pen.

  5. Coordinate with bird planters and arrange for carrying bags or boxes to deliver to the course.

Horses and Feed

The NAGDC committee shall appoint a horse & feed chairman.

  1. If the committee decides that a wrangler is needed to provide horses for judges, bird planters, marshals and gallery rental, the horse & feed chair will arrange.

  2. Verify wrangler’s liability insurance is adequate for the event.

  3. Agree upon accepted price and contract with the wrangler.

  4. If the judges provide their own horses, provide someone to saddle them up in the morning prior to the running and to unsaddle them and care for them in the evening after the running. 

Dog Wagon

The NAGDC committee may choose to run a dog wagon if multiple continuous courses are selected. If so a committee chair will be appointed to assume the responsibility for the dog wagon.

Captain of the Guns

The NAGDC Committee will appoint a Captain of the Guns.

Specific duties of the Captain of the Guns

  1. If a kill on course venue is decided upon; arrange for two gunners for each brace.

  2. Make sure the gunners are responsible, conservative and are well trained in the use of their weapons.

  3. If a call back situation is decided upon, arrange for a call back site. Arrange for enough birds to conduct a callback. And arrange for responsible gunners to gun in the callback.

  4. Make sure that if a kill on course  venue is used make sure that all people present including, judges, handlers, scouts, gallery and gunners are wearing blaze orange. If a call back venue is chosen the handlers gunners and judged must be wearing blaze orange.


The NAGDC Committee shall appoint a trophies chair. The trophies chair will order the approved AKC ribbons for first thru fourth place. The GSPCA Board of Directors may authorize certain other trophies to be presented at this event. It will be the responsibility of the chair to obtain these. The GSPCA Board may also authorize the purchase of additional ribbons for awards of merit in addition to the first four placements. If so the trophies chair will order them.


The NAGDC shall be judged by Approved AKC Field Trial judges and shall be judged on the accepted AKC Gun Dog Standard as printed in the AKC Rules Standard Procedure Guide. The judges shall be chosen by the NAGDC committee and shall be presented to the GSPCA board of directors for their approval at the January meeting prior to the event. Any GSPCA member may submit a name to be included on a list to be considered to judge this event. The NAGDC Committee will compile this list and may add other names to it if they wish. The committee shall by vote select two judges and two alternate judges for the first running of this event.(ie. Spring of 2005). For subsequent events the selections of the committee shall be presented to the delegates meeting to be held at the NAGDC trial. The delegates may approve or add to the list. The final decision of the committee and delegates will be presented to the GSPCA Board as indicated next.  These selections along with letters from the candidates confirming that they would serve if selected will be presented to the GSPCA Board for their approval at the January meeting preceding the event. The GSPCA Secretary will then write a letter of confirmation to those selected. 

The Event Itself

The NAGDC will be a 30 minute qualifier followed by a 45 minute second series. Horseback handling will be prohibited although the judges, scouts and gallery may be mounted. The NAGDC will be a retrieving stake. At the discretion of the committee the retrieve will be obtained either in a kill on course situation or by a call back to retrieve. A successful retrieve will be mandatory on the first series, but a retrieve will not be needed in the second series.

Horseback scouting will be allowed but only after the handler has asked for and received permission from one of the judges.

Whatever marshals that are necessary to maintain the orderly sequence of events shall be appointed by the FT Chairman.

Adequate insurance coverage shall be obtained and proof of such shall be made available to the GSPCA Board.

The winner will be awarded the title “Amateur Field Champion” (AFC) if that title is not already held and this title may be displayed as a prefix to the dog’s registered name

The winner will be declared  “ National Amateur Gun Dog Champion” (NAGDC) and this title my be displayed  as a prefix to the dog’s registered name.

Qualifications and rules of entry

Entry in this event is open to any AKC Registered German Shorthaired Pointer six months of age or older who meets the following criteria.

  1. Must be amateur owned and if co-owned both the owner and all the co-owners must be amateurs. The dog must be amateur handled during this event. An amateur handler may handle a limit of two amateur owned or co-owned dogs that he is not an owner or co-owner of.

  2. Must have a DNA number noted on entry.

  3. All field champions and amateur field champions are allowed entry.

  4. Non champions may enter if they meet the following criteria; Placed in a three point or greater AKC Open Broke Dog or AKC Amateur Broke Dog stake while being handled by an Amateur. If  qualification is met by a placement, the dog must have been amateur handled to that placement. Derby placements do not qualify. All qualifying placements must have been achieved within 18 months of the trial.

  5. Bitches in season may compete. It is the responsibility of the handler to notify trial officials in time to allow running order changes to handle bitches in season.

  6. A minimum entry of 30 dogs is required by the closing of entries for this event to proceed.
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