2021 GSPCA election

Lynn PettinatoCorresponding Secretary: Lynn Pettinato [email Lynn]

Thank you for confidence from the Nominating Committee for including me in your slate for the upcoming 2021 election. I have strived to work very hard with the changing landscape of our board – new members and officers – as well help to add value via Social Media. Our social media numbers have been on the rise for 2 years now and provides mostly daily content for dogs owners, club news, AKC news and schedules for club events. Over the next two years, I hope to bring awareness and raise money with the health and welfare committee for Canine Epilepsy. I am pictured here with Dani, our first epileptic dog. She taught us a great deal, that we use still with our second epileptic dog, Tori.

I have been a member of the GSPCA for almost 20 years. My husband Dominic and I have been involved in our local club, the GSPC of Northern Sacramento Valley. We had been involved in event chairing, event secretary, judging and participating in walking field trials, hunt tests and specialty shows. My new goals for this year include fundraising for the Health and Welfare committee, growing our club membership from our following on Facebook and Instagram and building our juniors program in performance arenas with Becky Feigh. Please let us know if you can help in any of those areas. Thank you so much for your years of support. I look forward to serving you for 2 more years.




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