Juniors Membership

Because GSPCA is considered the authority on the German Shorthaired Pointer in terms of AKC activity, every effort is made to encourage GSP juniors to join GSPCA and take advantage of the collective knowledge of GSPCA members.

Membership Benefits:

  • GSP fanciers up to age eighteen, no minimum age.
  • Membership qualifies the junior for GSPCA rankings and annual awards (GSPCA counts only the activities of GSPCA Junior members in its Junior competition rankings and will consider only GSPCA Junior members for annual awards and any stipends or other assistance to be offered.)
  • Includes subscription to GSPCA Shorthair Journal if Shorthair Journal is not already being sent to the same address.
  • Eligible to submit Junior pictures to GSPCA Juniors website
  • Eligible to apply for Qualifier Shows stipend (see Juniors Event Grant)
  • Entitles Junior to all other benefits and activities associated with the GSPCA Juniors Program as they occur

Juniors Dues: $10/year CLICK TO JOIN

Juniors CoChairs
Val Atkinson & Yvonne Detering


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