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The GSP's exemplary scenting ability and powerful endurance make him a highly coveted versatile hunting dog. He is a pointing bird dog, used to hunt all manner of upland game: quail, pheasant, grouse, chukkar. He is a natural retriever on land and water. With his water-repellent coat and webbed feet he makes a wonderful duck dog. He is descended from German tracking hounds and that trait still shows in his keen ability to trail a scent. GSPs are also used to hunt rabbits, raccoons and opossum, and to trail and handle deer.

GSPs in AKC Pointing Breed Hunting Tests
AKC hunting tests measure dogs against a set standard instead of a competition between dogs as in Field Trials. Dogs are tested at three different levels: Junior (JH), Senior (SH) and Master (MH). A dog must receive a certain number of passing scores to earn a title for that level. A dog is not required to title at a certain level before being allowed to test at a higher level.

Visit the AKC web site to learn more about Pointing Breed Hunting Tests:

The GSPCA also offers a Water Certification Test to prove his abilities as a water retriever.

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