Health Committee Conference Call Minutes : June 23, 2015

Karen Rooks Nauer called the meeting to order at 1902 CST.  Members in attendance were:
Karen Rooks Nauer
Clyde Vetter
Sandra Kretz
Leita Estes
Cyndi Boysen

Karen N stated that the GSPCA BOD approved the $10,000 donation to the cancer research initiative with the CHF.  This donation money will come from the GSPCA’s designated Purina Fund for health through the CHF.

Karen N stated that the GSPCA BOD approved to send Sandra K to the canine health conference.  Leita E is welcome to go if she covers her own costs.  Karen N will send Leita E the conference information.

Karen N stated that the Health Clinic at the 2015 NSS was a success.  She stated that 22 cardio screens, 18 Optigen screens, and 98 DNA blood samples were drawn.  She stated that there will be DNA blood draws conducted at the 2015 NFT. 

Karen N stated the test for Cone Degeneration (CD) is being offered by other laboratories. She stated UC Davis should have a test available by the end of June.

Karen N stated that she had a conversation with UC Davis and they wanted to know what other tests the GSPCA H&W would be interested in.  She suggested a test for LD.  UC Davis stated that they would have to start the test development as there are no publications on the research for the development of the LD test and no final research results have been published.  Karen N stated that she will send information on cancer initiatives to Missy Neal to post on the GSPCA website.  Karen N stated that the goals of the H&W are to fund initiatives such as research for the development of genetic markers or research on diseases in GSPs based on breed survey results.

Karen N stated that she had forwarded the information on the research project on Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy CED to the H&W committee members.  The members questioned where this project got their information defining GSPs as being prone to CED.  The members agreed that further investigation is warranted.  Karen N will contact the project leader and additional request data.  In the email from the project leader, the number of incidences in GSPs was low.

Karen N stated that she had several qualified and interested people in joining the committee.  Karen N stated only one more member was necessary for now.

Renee Lara entered the conference call at 1933 CST.

The committee discussed laboratories offering GSP testing packages.  OFA will list laboratories that are approved to draw for tests, making sure there is no patent conflict with testing. The committee discussed the different laboratories, tests and pricing. 

The committee discussed their action item regarding “Mya’s Fund” that was submitted to the BOD.  The committee decided to list “Mya’s Fund” as a resource.  The committee will also suggest to the NSSEC the “Mya’s Fund” be given booth space at the NSS for information purposes.

The topic of dilute and lemon colors in GSPs was discussed.  The committee cannot control actions of non-members that intentionally breed for these colors.  If a GSPCA member is intentionally breeding for these colors, then actions can be taken.  The committee decided on posting a position statement regarding these unacceptable colors on the GSPCA website and in an article in the Shorthair Journal.  On the website, the statement will be included in sections relating to purchasing a puppy.  The people seeking information about GSPs need to be educated on this topic.  The BOD will also be informed since intentional breeding of these colors is unethical.  Christy Featherston, liaison of Breeder Education and Judges’ Education, will also be contacted.

Sandra K stated that she approached the University of Alabama regarding the breed survey research project.  They were not interested.  Karen N will contact Ann Jeglum to check the progress of including GSPs in the Golden Retriever Study being done by the Morris Foundation.  The committee agrees that they have exhausted all possibilities. 

Karen N will have Missy Neal post on the website the committee’s contribution to the cancer fund with the CHF.

Karen N stated that the next H&W committee conference call meeting will be on July 21, 2015.

Karen N adjourned the meeting at 2056 CST. 

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