Health Committee Conference Call Minutes : March 18, 2014

Committee members discussed Club member feedback from resent CHIC recommendations.  Committee discussed distribution of cardiac article and elbow dysplasia article.  ACTION ITEM:  Articles will be placed on Club website instead of an email blast.  Articles are to also be published in Journal.  Discussion of making website more user friendly in regards to CHIC recommendations.   
 Webmaster is to create a dropdown menu for CHIC with definition of CHIC; recommendations; articles.

Committee discussed online health survey.  Survey is to be tested before release.  Survey is to be released at beginning of NSS and is to end after NFT.  Committee will set up posters and put flyers in goodie bags at NSS.  A laptop will be made available at NSS for Club members to complete survey. Committee considered offering a prize drawing for all members that complete survey while at NSS.  Committee discussed involving NAVHDA with survey. ACTION ITEM: NAVHDA will be contacted to see if they are interested in informing their members of survey.  Also offer to share articles referenced above.  Committee also discussed contacting entities for a follow-up survey.  The entity selected will use the information received from the upcoming survey and create a statistically correct, in-depth survey.  They will also be responsible for collecting and compiling the in-depth survey results.   Those results will be used to guide the Club in matters of GSP health.   ACTION ITEM:  Committee will contact entities to contract for follow-up survey.

Renee L will be providing a short seminar during NSS on elbow dysplasia.  Her talk will conclude with a Q&A session.  She will provide poster displays of elbow dysplasia.  Date and time of her speech is still to be determined.  
 Once determined, announcement of seminar will be placed on website’s NSS schedule.

CHF has bi-weekly to monthly podcasts.  Committee discussed posting link to podcast on website.  ACTION ITEM:  Committee will contact CHF for link approval and Webmaster to set up website link to podcasts.

Committee discussed DNA storage database. ACTION ITEM:   Committee will seek cost proposals from different entities, including CHF and Fisher Labs.  Committee discussed possible DNA sample collection at NFT/NSS in future. 

Committee discussed involving recording secretary on future conference calls.  Committee would like for Secretary to take minutes and provide synopsis of meeting.  ACTION ITEM:  Contact Secretary.

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