GSPCA Announces German Shorthaired Pointer Health Concerns Survey

The GSPCA Health and Welfare Committee has developed a Health Concerns Survey to ascertain what Shorthair owners believe are the most important health issues in our breed.

This survey will: (1) help prioritize the H&W Committee’s activities over the next several years; (2) help guide funding from the GSPCA Canine Health Foundation account; and (3) provide content areas for a major survey of health experience like the 2005 National Health Survey, which will be sent out in 2015.

This survey invites you to tell us what you have experienced as Shorthair owners and breeders with the health of your dogs, and what concerns you the most. It does not ask about any individual dogs. It is hosted for us by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) which will compile aggregate data only, and is entirely confidential.

After you take the survey, you can go to the Answers section on the OFA site and see an instant compilation of answers from all respondents. This is the only information recorded and is available both to the GSP public and the Committee.  You can look at this section at any time and see how answers develop over the time the survey is open.

The survey will be open for response on the OFA site from The National Specialty Show in May through the National Field Trial in October, 2014. It is open to any GSP owner, not just members of the GSPCA.

Please take the survey only once. You must click Finish at the end to record your answers.
If you have any questions about the survey, contact Sandra Kretz at If you have any additional information you want to give to the Committee, you can send it to

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