2017 NSS


contact: Renee Lara GSPLara@suddenlinkmail.com

Everyone looks forward to seeing the loaded raffle table at the National Specialty!

Donations for the National Specialty General Raffle are needed! If you have items that you would like to offer, please bring them to the NSS.

If you're not attending but have things you'd like to donate please contact Renee Lara via email at Gsplara@suddenlinkmail.com


contact: janet chandler rugerheim@gmail.com

Your club and its members can participate in the success of this very special raffle. Last year’s event was a huge success, raising funds to add to the genetic research fund. Each Club is being asked to donate a basket filled with items based on a theme chosen by the Club. All baskets will be on display throughout the NSS. With their pretty bows, the shiny paper, and the goodies, the baskets always attract attention.

Prior to Best of Breed, there will be a basket competition judged by a panel of independent judges. Categories to be judged are:

  1. Best in Aesthetic Appeal
  2. Best in Theme and
  3. Best in Geographic Representation

It’s a great way for your Club to contribute and be remembered. Tickets will be sold throughout the NSS with the drawing at the conclusion of BOB. Your Club’s support is greatly appreciated. Remember, you are making a valuable contribution to the GSP genetic research fund.

Basket Ideas:
Regional/Local – Items from your Club’s area, food, souvenirs, team logo, etc…
Best Friend – Bones, biscuits, treats, dog toys, leash, collar, bowl, brush, etc…
Hunting – Flash collar, whistle, lanyard, retrieving dummy, orange cap, check cord, etc…
Kitchen – Gadgets, utensils, potholders, dish towels, cookbook, cookie cutters, etc…
Sweets – Assortment of candy, cookies, teas, biscuits, etc…
Food Theme – Olive oil, pasta, sauces, cookbook, garlic press, etc…
New Puppy – Whelping book, blankets, bottle, scale, weaning food, etc…

Please RSVP by April 12, 2017 to Janet Chandler


This is our annual fundraiser for the GSPCA Rescue Fund. If you have items to donate, please contact MELISSA CAMPBELL.  If you are attending the National, you can bring your silent auction items to the table. If you can't attend, email Melissa for an address to ship your raffle / silent auction item.


It’s a Duck toss! Underhand, overhand, lots of height, low to the ground, it doesn’t matter, just be the closest Duck to the Pond and you WIN 50% of proceeds from ticket sales! Do NOT have to be present to win, just appoint someone to toss your ducks!  PURCHASE TICKETS HERE














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