Did you see the German Shorthaired Pointer win Best in Show at Westminster?

He is a wonderful example of what German Shorthaired Pointers are made of: athleticism first and foremost, poise, intelligence, intensity and energy. His showmanship did not happen overnight! This dog has been training since he was a puppy! GSPs are very brainy, and very HIGH energy dogs. To harness that intensity takes a soft touch and a LOT of patience, and his owner is VERY experienced in this breed.

GSPs are very much family dogs. They prefer to lounge on the furniture, the nicer the better. They do not like to be separated from their people and made to live outside all the time. They can be VERY destructive if left to their own devices! Also, due to their hunting instincts for both fur and feather, they are not suited to apartment living.

GSPs need ample space to stretch their legs and let off steam DAILY. This means a large, securely fenced yard or multiple daily runs/walks are required. A GSP that has not had sufficient exercise will literally “bounce off the walls”.

Think that sleek short hair equals low maintenance? Well, sort of but they still shed. They have slightly oily skin that causes the dark hairs to STICK to the light furniture and white hairs to STICK to the dark furniture. This can be reduced with regular grooming, but no dog is ‘ maintenance free.’ Also, due to the oily skin, GSPs have a distinct aroma about them, probably inherited from the breeds that gave them such awesome hunting instincts.

GSP’s are bred to be hunting dogs, but did you know that they are good at other things too? GSPs excel at many activities: agility, running, tracking, running, flyball, running, obedience, running, swimming, and did we mention running?

If you had grass before getting a Shorthair, you won’t for long! They wear the grass down by sheer volume of foot traffic. It is highly recommended that all GSPs go through basic obedience training, lest they drag their owners along on a running jaunt!

Think a German Shorthaired Pointer is right for you? Check out the buyer’s education page on this site at: for more detailed information regarding this breed. Please check out the numerous other very informational pages that will give you more insight to this breed. As wonderful as this breed is, the German Shorthaired Pointer is not the dog for every family to own!

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